View Full Version : Help Green Star Polyps

06-13-2011, 02:27 PM

Unfortenally i was stupid enough to put some Green Star Polyps in to the tank a few years ago. These are growing like weed and have now started to take over my tank. I have two big stones that is overgrown with Green Star Polyps.

I do need some suggestions for getting rid of this coral, i have the posibillity to take the stones out of the tank.
But how do i assure me that these Green Star Polyps not are coming back, is it enough to mechanical scrape the polyps of the rocks??

Ned some help here.


Floyd R Turbo
06-13-2011, 02:43 PM
Sell the rocks to someone else. There may be someone who just loves the way these look! Then just buy new rocks with the $$. Otherwise scraping them off I would think 1) would take a long time and 2) may not get rid of them completely. You probably would have to 'kill' the rock by boiling or letting it sit in the sun after scraping it all off.

I have a GSP but I keep it trimmed back frequently by selling large pieces of it for a few bucks now and then. It takes a while to recover then it grows quick. Just have to stay on top of it.