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08-28-2011, 07:40 PM
has anyone preformed a hyposalinity treatment on a tank with a ats? will the algae adjust to the lower salinity and survive or die off?

Floyd R Turbo
08-30-2011, 11:48 AM
I can't think of a reason why it wouldn't work. You might get slightly different growth, but if you lowered the salinity gradually, like over the course of a few days, I would think it would be fine.

08-31-2011, 07:42 PM
I will try to remember this thread.
My hospital tank is getting a scrubber. And operation No-more-ich will use hyposalinity,
so I may have an answer some time this winter.

09-03-2011, 02:30 PM
I am in the process of setting up a hospital tank with a scrubber that will be using hyposalinity to treat marine ich. I suspect there is some algae that will grow at 1.009 range however I am not sure what will happen to my existing screen if I drop salinity from normal reef ranges to hyposalinity range. My hope is that the scrubber will work efficienty in hyposalinity. If it does it will be a great way to set up a hospital tank for curing ich. In my experience, denitrifying bacteria stops working at hyposalinity, the scrubber would make treating with hyposalinity much easier and more feasible. I will post results as they become available. FYI check out Lee Birch's article (http://www.reefland.com/forum/marine-fi ... tment.html (http://www.reefland.com/forum/marine-fish-care-health-disease-treatment/21830-hyposalinity-treatment.html)) about hyposalinity and treating marine ich. According to his article hyposalinity will kill most marine algae, however he may be referring to macro algaes and even if this is correct, there may be some algae that scrubs for us at this salinity range.

Good Luck!

09-03-2011, 06:05 PM
Of course algae will work in .009. It works in .000

Rumpy Pumpy
09-07-2011, 10:53 AM
http://blogs.thatpetplace.com/thatfishb ... aquariums/ (http://blogs.thatpetplace.com/thatfishblog/2009/02/06/algae-and-plants-for-brackish-water-aquariums/)

09-07-2011, 10:03 PM
great find on the brackish water article rumpy! looks like hypo treatment is just another score for the ats :D thanks for everyones input