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01-29-2010, 10:13 AM
Hey ATS forum :)

I were wondering, do people using ATS's have succes with filter feeding corals? Such as Stereonephthya, Anthogorgia, Scleronephthya and so on and so forth...

I love the colours but wont invest the money or too much time keeping something alive others have problems with.. But reading up on the FAQ and how it keeps food in the aquarium, I thought that us that use ATS may have a chance?

Thoughts and exampels are welcome :)

01-29-2010, 10:35 AM
I did many of these for a while, but my scrubber was not stong enough so I had to stop. NPS was not my focus at the time.

A scrubber is not only ideal for NPS, but is really the only realistic way to filter them. Here's what I'd recommend based on my trials and my reading:

o Double the recommended scrubber size: 2.0 watts per gal, 2 square inches per gal, T5HO only, multiple screens.

o Scrubber should be above display, and drain into it.

o Continuous feeding only. A minimum would be 1 ml of liquid food per day, per gallon.

o Extremely high flow, 100 X or more, 200 recommended. Mine was 60 and was not nearly enough.

o Very little LR; it blocks too much flow.

o Bare bottom, with a few powerheads pointed at it to re-circulate food.

o Weak display lighting.

o No other filters anywhere.

o No sump if possible; too much food settles in the sump.

01-29-2010, 11:07 AM
Arh thanks SM...

Well then I guess I know how my next setup on my tank/sump should be :) Since Im moving to Norway within 2 years, no idea to begin on the big redoing of the tank setup :) But I actually have been thinking that instead of drain from main to sump ATS I should have done a bypass above the tank. Aw well, untill next time! :twisted:

Btw - My tank looks great since I set up my ATS and the corals are feeding in the water colum many times. Readings are all zero and just a little algae on the stones (due to phospat leaking out I guess)