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    Cleaning algae growth

    I normally clean off the algae growth from my scrubber in a small bucket with salt water from a recent water change.
    Can I also clean off the growth under the sink using tap water?

    Will the...
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    Brown Algae Growth ? Next Steps ?

    OK.. still learning the ropes here so I could use from guidance or confirmation.

    I'm running a RAIN2 algae scrubber.
    I installed in early April and to date all my scrubber cleanings has been a...
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    Sideways water spraying

    I have a RAIN2 and I noticed that the water tends to spray sideways in the scrubber. I originally thought I had turned the water up too high and that was causing the sideways spray but I'm pretty...
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    RAIN2 - Am I on the right path ?

    I installed my RAIN2 on April 5th. I went through the slow startup, with one light connected until growth started, the slowly added additional lights.
    I now have all 4 lights running for 18...
  5. Thanks for the response. 1 week later, here is...

    Thanks for the response.

    1 week later, here is my growth ( see pic ). I did my first cleaning.
    The growth looks good ( right?)
    Am I OK to connect the remaining lights? I am running the lights...
  6. New RAIN-2 Algae Scrubber grow - whats next?

    I installed my RAIN-2 algae scrubber 14 days ago.
    Following the instructions, I have 1 of the 4 lights connected for this time.

    I'm assuming that I shouldn't try to clean off the growth, but I...
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