Beafore i started to use scrubber only on my aquarium i did some DIY Skimmers, i always have liked to do diy beacause all equipment labeled "Aquarium" have a tendensy to bee very expensive.

I now that this is a algae scrubber forum, but maybe this diy skimmers is in some interest anyway, if not feel free to delete this post.

Here are some pictures and a short description of the builds:

All the skimmers that i have made used air stones, they all used the same size of air pump and air stone.

Here is some pictures of a inside aquarium skimmer that did work, but it looked like hell. I had to choose between my wife or my diy skimmer, i choosed my wife
The parts that was used

The skimmer put toughether

The skimmer on aquarium

Here is a skimmer made of only a 50mm strait tube and the top of a plastic bottle. The plastic bottle top was perfectly fitted into the 50mm tube and function as a skimmer neck.


Here is a floor model skimmer placed on floor beside aquarium, no feeding pump, just air stone inside skimmer. This skimmer worked very good.

Here is the skimmer without skimmer cup:

Here is the skimmer with tube going to skimmer cup placed on floor:

Here is the skimmer with a regular skimmer cup placed on top of skimmer, this was working better than the version with skimmer cup on floor:

This is the simplest and the best working skimmer i have made for use inside aquarium.
The skimmer is just made of 50mm acrylic tube with skimmer cup on top.
The skimmer and skimmer cup is glued tougether, it was very easy to clean using a brush . The skimmer is just one piece.

Here is the skimmer in aquarium:

Here is the result of skimming, this skimmer was working just as good as any of the other commersial skimmers i have used.


It is not impossible to make a cheap skimmer that works, not as good as algaescrubbers though