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Thread: My first scrubber under construction...

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    My first scrubber under construction...

    Greetings. I've been keeping salt water fish since 1971 and reef tanks since the mid-80's but never got into scrubbers until now. I've heard of scrubbers a decade or so ago but the idea never hit home.
    Now that I'm old and retired with a lot of time on my hands I'm going to build one by constructing a scrubber in my sump. Assembly will take place over the next week or so. I have all the raw materials on hand... it just gotta dig my portable table saw out of the back of my garage to cut my plastic sheets.

    Anyway, design No.1 calls for a sump placement but I'm toying with the idea of standing one in front of a sunny window. This idea comes from growing phytoplankton on a sunny window sill of which I had great success... one initial seeding produced phyto offspring for 2 years. Can't beat natural sunlight. The heat factor is solved by my sump and tank are directly over a floor vent with central air.

    Anyway, my sump is a 30g long with 3 compartments... one for pumps and skimmer... one for filter bag, and one is a refugium for macroalgae. The scrubber will go in the compartment where the filter bag is now. I presently have a 55g. soft coral reef loaded with the offspring of offspring of fast growing soft corals. I'll take pictures and post them. Thanks for reading my post.

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    Re: My first scrubber under construction...

    Welcome to the site. That's one of the things I want to build... a softie tank.

    Remember that when your scrubber starts working, your macro will start dying, so you will want to remove the macro before that happens.

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