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Thread: Need help

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    Need help

    After my skimmer broke i decided to go with an ATS. My hair algae is out of control and the ATS doesn't seem to be helping. My ATS is 12 X 12 double sided with 26watt CFs on each side. It is in my sump an all of my water runs through it, my return pump is around 800. oh yeah and my tank is 125 with a small bioload. I have had the ats running since April i clean green algae off one side every week. I have also siphoned out algae, pulled it out and it just isnt getting any better. I am about to give up and go back to a skimmer. Any suggestions anyone has would be great.

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    Re: Need help

    The screen size seems right for the size of tank although the new recommendation is based on the amount of feeding you are doing which seems to make more sense, different tanks, different feeding.
    You haven't mentioned how much growth you are getting on the screen and what colour it is. However, your light wattage for the size of screen seems very low. For good standalone filtration you should be looking for 1w per sq in, or in your case approx 144w split over both sides.
    Seems like your display is a better scrubber than your scrubber at the moment!

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    Re: Need help


    I hope you don't mean double-layer.

    Bioload does not matter. What matters is how much you feed.

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