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Thread: Looking for some design help.

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    Looking for some design help.

    New to your site I was blown away with some of the awesome designs and the results of using scrubbers.
    At the moment Im running a few different tank set ups and would like to start using a scrubber on my 100g reef tank.
    After looking at the various designs I think I actually have damn near all the parts needed excluding the screen.
    In two weeks my main display tanks new lighting will be arriving and I will have some spare power compacts, ballasts, and retrofit pieces.

    So Im looking for some build advice that may utilize all my extra parts, and have minimal extra parts required. So here is the list of what I have.

    For the housing for lighting and the screens I have a few options. I have a ton of storage plastic totes all different sizes. As well as a ten gallon aquarium. Not sure which would be better to build using.
    I have 2 Power compact ballasts that will run a total of 4 bulbs, Id prefer to only have to run one ballast for the set up.
    Various pumps and power heads, this part I have a huge stash of all different types, flows, configurations. So basically could use whatever is needed.
    Endless amounts of pvc bits and pieces as well as bulkheads and hosing.

    So as simple as most of the diy designs i have seen, it appears little else would be needed.
    At this point just looking for some guidance or ideas to use the 10g tank, its weird but Id actually like to make one that is sort of a display of the process.
    I have a few reefer friends that are not sold on using a natural process to filter their tanks.

    So main questions
    Is there a decent build out there using a 10g tank?
    Would two bulbs of power compacts be enough, assuming 6500k bulbs 54 watts each.
    For plumbing is it general to have the water pumped back into the tank/sump or gravity/siphon fed.

    Below is a quick pic I made up, 10g tank using glass panes to seperate each section of lighting and screen. The lighting for this desing is using cfl bulbs not my pc.
    Each panel of mesh would be lit by two bulbs on each side, reflectors would be used on the sides not facing the scrubber. The water flow on this would be grav fed from my over flow, and flow out from each screens section from drilled holes in the opposing end of the 10g tank.
    The scrubber panels would be roughly 10x16 and have a total of 6 bulbs lighting them.

    Let me know if you can help out on any design flaws!


    Any other tips would be appreciated, diy is always fun but even after checking out about 200 designs for scrubbers I would love some input before I start my design.
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    Re: Looking for some design help.

    I am sure it would work, but I think you are over thinking this one,and trying to use to many "spare parts"

    I would sell the power compacts and use the money to build a great "normal" scrubber using cfl's or t-5"s

    also look at the new screen sizing guidelines ,,think your design is a tad large.

    hope this helps!

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    Re: Looking for some design help.

    After looking at a lot more successful designs... I am way the hell over complicating this lmao.
    So for a heavily fed 100g reef from what I have read at least 10x10 both sides lit.
    12x12 to compensate for a lot of over feeding. I found a nice storage tote from walmart that will sit right on top of my sump/fuge
    And a trip to home depot for the lights and fixtures. I wont be using my spare parts but I think it will work out a lot better.

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    Re: Looking for some design help.

    Be sure to read this:http://www.algaescrubber.net/forums/...php?f=2&t=1579 . I also build mine a bit large as well, you never know when you might get more critters and need to feed more. Its a real good feeling when you see your nutrient readings bottom out even though you feed enough to keep your stock FAT and HAPPY.
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    125G. 3 Regular Oscars/1 Jack Dempsey
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    10G. SW Hospital/new fish quarantine/pod breeder tank
    6 stage RO/DI system 200 GPD.

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    Re: Looking for some design help.

    looking at container size i could do about 12x15 with proper lighting, thats fair on wiggle room. all my softies are gonna love this, sadly need to rebuild my sump/fuge
    to get this to fit properly. and a light went out thus morning. g;ad i have the day off lol.

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