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Thread: Light distance

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    Unhappy Light distance

    How far should a T5 HO light be from the screen? Im going to be running 6x54 watt T5Ho and am concerned about the heat.

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    Re: Light distance

    1 to 2 inches.

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    Re: Light distance

    Same question but regarding LED's :

    I switched my scrubber lighting to 2 x 50 watt LED growlight bar from eshine.

    They were placed about 2 inches from the screen. almost against the glass of the SM100-clone

    Placed them last saterday, was day 7 of growth, and did a cleaning yesterday evening.

    Algae were the LED's where shining directly is all "flesh" coloured, can see the rectangular bar in the color of the algae. This flehy colour is surrounded by very bright green algae.

    Are they burned in the center of the LED's? or maybe too less iron for to much light and flow ? Reduce hours? or increase distance?

    For testing I now placed 1 bar on the same location (about 2 inches from the screen), the other one a bit futher away (about 4 to 5 inches) to see what the growth is going to do.

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