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Thread: My dilemna with new ATS

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    My dilemna with new ATS

    I am currently running an ATS on my 40g system using LEDS with pretty good success. This was built under the old sizing guidelines and I am now getting ready to set up a 400g twv system by the end of January. Its going to be a mixed reef and will probably have some heavy eaters such as anthias. So my dilemna is, how do I size my screen under the new guidelines when I really dont know exactly how much I will be feeding every day? I am planning on using LED's again for this scrubber as well.

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    Re: My dilemna with new ATS

    You could build it with 2, 3 or 4 full size screens. The LED's are not to pricey (cheap on eBay) as neither is the PVC. You could start with one screen and turn on LED's and valves to add more if you need.
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    Re: My dilemna with new ATS

    You should find out what feeding is required, especially for critical things like anthias.

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