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Thread: Help on an LED build

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    Help on an LED build

    Right I have an ats running at the moment and it is doing well.
    But I want to go led and increase the screen size!
    I have just added on a sea horse tank and the demand on my ats as increased so hoping to upgrade.

    I am currently running 8" x 7"
    I run 4 x 20w cfl (2 x each side)
    And I have a flow of about 1500lphs or more.
    I run this off my overflow but as its two tanks I only have the overflow from main tank going to the ats.

    My new build I want:
    To run a screen 12" x 7"
    I will add the drain from both tanks together. Giving me over 2000lph (return pump 3000lph)
    I also want to go LED

    I want to go LED as I have seen better growth from them and less light is wasted.
    Also they will run cooler which is better as there in my cabinet heating the water.

    1. I know the LEDs need to be red but what spectrum is it they need to be?
    2. How many LEDs will I need?
    3. How far away from the screen?
    4. What's the best LEDs to use?

    I am new to this site and this is my first post.
    Thanks for the help in advance!

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    Here is my build. http://algaescrubber.net/forums/show...4500#post14500

    Your's is about 2/3 the size of mine, so just decrease the number of LEDs by that amount.

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