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Thread: New Scrubber and Vacation

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    New Scrubber and Vacation

    I just put together a scrubber using a clear plastic cereal container holding a 4x6 screen. I will run one 23w cfl on each side which should be good for 2 cubes a day.

    I have a few questions:

    1) Is the cube measurement based pre packaged food or your homemade food? I only ask because my homemade mix is going to be 100% food whereas my unerstanding that the prepackaged foods contain water and other stuff (not food).

    2) I have not started the unit yet because I leave for vaction in about 10 days and will be gone for two weeks. I will have someone at the house but they are pretty much going to be limited to feeding my pre measured food and checking that the water level is ok. Should I wait until I get back to start the scrubber or would it be ok to start it, clean it before we leave and then not again untill we return (two weeks without a cleaning). I am having a serious hair algae problem atm so I am mostly worried about the dark jelly type growth a high nutrient system seems to start with and I dont want that to be falling off back into the tank.

    3) With my screen size (4x6) that would put me at 2 cubes a day. With the 24w on each side I could run the lights for 9 hours instead of the 18 and maintain the 2 cubes per day, if I decide later I wanted to increase my feedings could I increase the time from 9 hours to 18 hours or is the screen size going to limit me no matter how much light I give it? (We are looking to add a few Anthias to the tank and while I dont expect a need to go past the 2 cubes total for the day I would rather make sure I have some room to grow if the need arises).



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    1) without water, but IMO prepared foods count as a whole cube as there is probably something of nutritional value in the 'other stuff'

    2) if you're worried, start after you get back. Otherwise it's a worry-cation.

    3) yes you have it right.

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