I'm sold on using ATS. I built the simple bucket desing with 2 lights and a tank divider screen slipped into a pipe. I have to use an external overflow box as I never had my tank drilled when I started it.

So, I started 4 1/2 weeks ago. For two weeks I didn't see anything. At first I was using the blue, "Plant lights" from GE. Not very good. Also, I didn't scratch and seed the screen.

After more careful reading I realized my mistakes. I scratched up and seeded the screen with algae from my display tank. Afterwards, I swapped out the plant lights for the 23 Watt, 5100K compact fluorescents "full-spectrum" and reseeded the screen more aggressively.

Fast forward 2 1/2 weeks later. My screen is now getting algae. But its growth is very slow and only the lower half of the screen is showing any heavy growth. The top part of the screen is darkening with algae, but only in areas, and very slowly.

Any advise?

I'm trying to include some photos but haven't figured out how to attach them yet.