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Thread: Scrubber not growing after cleaning screen

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    Scrubber not growing after cleaning screen

    Had the Scrubber (Santa Monica 100) for about 2months - took about 1.5week to take off. When i does, man it grows like crazy brown then mostly green. So much that i have to clean it every 4 days (always left some algae behind)
    I got tired of cleaning so often (if i don't the algae clog up and overflow, happen twice), i did a complete clean and got clean it down to the almost clear screen.

    Now it's been over 1.5weeks and NO GROWTH at all, my tank started look dirty again with algae on the back and Diatoms/Dino - HELP, what can i do to get it to grow again (?Patience).

    In the beginning, my Nitrate/Phophate was high (Nitrate 30, Phosphate .5). Now everything is fairly low, Nitrate about 5 and Phosphate less than .2, is that why there is NO algae - but there is growth in the tank.
    I can't figure out why it's not growing...

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    Yes that's why it's growing less... there are less nutrients in the tank. So when you clean, leave it 14 days.

    You probably have phosphate coming out of the rocks. Don't clean the screen quite so good this time. Or clean only one of the screens.

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