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Thread: COMBINE....

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    Hi to all
    This is Markos from Athens Greece
    I am building a new 100g reef with a 100g sump refugium I whas wondering 1st how large sould the screan be??? and if i can combine a deep sand bead with some live rock on a rack 5 in above THEN chatomorpha AND then a algae scrubber (so the the screan will drip in the chato and LR this compartment could be 20*20*20 or longer on one side )so the light could be used for both the chaerto and the scrubber (space in no problem)
    A small pump will give some more flow betwean the DSB ant the rack with the LR
    does this make any sence????
    Best regards

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    Re: COMBINE....

    Check here for sizing:

    You don't need chaeto. It will just be out-competed by the scrubber.

    Any more specific advice will need a diagram or pics.

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