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Thread: adding air

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    adding air

    I have been sieving through the new UAS forums, an tbh it looks like its still in the testing period. Theres nothing definitive about it except the stuff we already know from waterfall versions. Tbh im sticking with my waterfall for 2 reasons.
    1. It works ( if it aint broke why fix it)
    2. I have no room round the edges of my sump to add lighting.
    Has anyone tried adding air into there waterfall scrubber? Just a thought...seems to me UAS seems to work off just air bubbles, why cant you have the best of both worlds?
    I was thinking of modding my pump pipe with a t section for an airline then adding an air pump? Do you think its worth a shot? Or jus overkill?
    Cheers all

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    I am doing that this weekend. I was just on the LaReefClub forum talking about adding a venturi to my supply pipe.
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    Have been bubbling for four days now. Can't do any harm to give it a try. It makes sense to equilibriate the screen water with regard to natural levels of co2. You've just gotta stop the bubbles entering the display because you may not like the effect they give.

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    Yes bubbles will work on any algae. The advantage for the UAS is supposed to be that the bubbles also do the pumping, and thus don't require to be out of the water.

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