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Thread: 90g in sump ATS

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    90g in sump ATS

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    Hey everyone, new here to the forum. Figured since I cherry picked so much info off this forum already its time I start contributing... Here's my build thanks to you all!
    90g tank, ETSS Sump, fresh setup, clean dry rock and sand, no fish coral or inverts in DT. Scrubbers screen is about 10"x10" usable space. Mag 3 running the scrubber at full flow. Two CFL 43 watt lights 3-4" from screen. Lights are on 12/12 schedule. Tanks been running water for about 2 weeks. Started feeding about a week ago, seeded with about 10-15 pounds of rubble from my brother's frag tank in my sump (to control microbubbles more than anything). These pics are after about 4 days of growth, looks mostly brown algae, I think I'm off to a good start. No problems so far. I'm cycling this tank with just the light on the scrubber, bad idea? I'm in the process of building my LED setup for the DT and it wont be ready for a good two to three weeks. Also, being a new tank, what and how much should I be feeding this thing for the scrubber? I've been throwing frozen mysis cubes in, about 1 every day or so plus a few shrimp pellets here and there. I'd like some thoughts on this from you guys who have been running these with success.
    Much Thanks to all of you for your guidance and information you've provided

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    Cycling is fine. No feeding needed now, until there are animals. Screen might be a bit large unless you'll be feeding over 5 cubes a day. Also, 100 square inches is a bit too much for 86 total watts. Now might be a good time to make the screen only 8" wide, and tape/seal up the remaining 2" of slot.

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    Thank you sir!

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