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    Subscribe to this scrubber Here

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    HOG Scrubber
    Hang On Glass Upflow Algae Scrubber®
    with Green Grabber® surfaces

    For up to 1/4" (6.25mm) acrylic or glass walls. Eliminate water changes. Remove nuisance algae, nitrate and phosphate. Cultivate seaweed for feeding.

    Click image for larger version

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    Day 1 through 9 growth, from new, of the old HOG.5 version (before Green Grabber textures) on a dirty freshwater tank:

    Click image for larger version

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    HOG.5 on small freshwater tank:
    9-day cleaning video of the old HOG.5 version before Green Grabber textures:
    7-Days Of Growth After Cleaning:

    HOG.5 dimensions: Each cover is 5" wide x 6 5/8" high x 1" thick (12.7cm wide x 16.8cm high x 2.5cm thick)

    Operates on both 120 and 240V.Can be shipped to any country; you can find shipping costs by putting the item into the shopping cart; be sure to click "display rates"

    Get the no-overflow advantage of an upflow scrubber: since it is ALL underwater, it can't overflow onto your floor.

    This is a hand-built Hang-On-Glass (HOG) Upflow Algae Scrubber for up to 1/4" (6.25mm) glass or acrylic aquarium or sump walls, and is the only HOG scrubber without magnets on the side, which means you can trim the 5" sides to fit into the back compartments of all-in-one aquariums like BioCubes, JBJ, etc as long as the space is at least 4.25" (103mm). This is also a great first algae scrubber, especially if you are unsure about the concept and just want to see it grow. This HOG.5 is designed to handle this much feeding per day:

    0.5 Frozen cubes, or
    5 Pinches of flake, or
    5 Square inches (31 square cm) of nori, or
    1.4 grams of pellets

    The number of gallons or liters of water does not matter. If you feed more than this, you can get multiple units; multiple units are preferred because you can clean one per week, and because you'll always have one filtering while the other starts growing again after a cleaning. Multiple units are also good for backup. The magnets attach the outside cover to the inside cover, through the aquarium wall, and can be used on glass or acrylic up to 1/4 inch (6.25 mm). Not more. If your walls are thicker, get the HOG1 instead, because it has stronger magnets.

    No electrical parts go inside the aquarium; only air. And the air bubbler is already supplied, so you don't have to get an airstone. This HOG.5 will run on both 120V and 240V, and comes with a 10 ft (300 cm) power cord with a U.S. plug. If you require a different plug you can get an adapter at any local hardware or travel store, or online, or you can cut off the U.S. plug install your own plug from a hardware store.

    Comes with 3 ft (90 cm) of vinyl airline, but requires an air pump that can pump 1.0 liters per minute (.04 cfm), which most low-cost air pumps can handle. Make sure to put the air pump above the aquarium so that it will not drain any water if it shuts off.

    Comes with one red (660 nm) 3-watt LED, which is attached to a heat sink inside the cover; the cover gets barely warm on the outside. The LED will give the aquarium a slight red color at night. You will need to get a timer so you can run the light for up to 22 hours per day (not 24). The LED never needs replacing.

    The HOG.5 will need to be cleaned every 7 to 21 days, by removing the inside cover, disconnecting the airline, and taking the inside cover to the sink so you can scrape the algae off with a toothbrush. The screen is super rough Green Grabber white texture, and is permanently glued to the inside cover with epoxy. Cleaning the screen and the inside cover takes about 30 seconds with a toothbrush.

    The HOG.5 comes with a 1 year warranty. Warranty is for replacement or repair only; not a refund. Costs for shipping back to us are covered if you are in the U.S. Costs for shipping back to us are not covered if you are not in the U.S., however we will pay for shipping back to you. In either case, you will need to ship the entire unit back to us before we can ship a replacement. Warranty is limited to repair or replacement, and does not cover fish loss, personal injury, property loss, or direct, incidental or consequential damage arising from the use of it. The warranty and remedies set forth above are exclusive and in lieu of all others, whether oral or written, express or implied. We specifically disclaim any and all implied warranties, including but not limited to lost profits, downtime, goodwill, damage to or replacement of other equipment and property, and any costs of recovering animals, plants, tanks or other aquarium related items and/or equipment. We are not responsible for special, incidental, or consequential damages resulting from any breach of warranty, or replacement of equipment or property, or any costs of recovering or reproducing any equipment, animals or plants used or grown with this product.

    Can be shipped to any country; you can find shipping costs by using the shopping cart; be sure to click "display rates". If you don't have a zip code, enter "zip code" instead. Note that shipping outside of the USA will probably require you to also pay an import charge when it arrives. We cannot mark it as "gift". The lowest cost (but slowest) foreign shipping is generally USPS First Class Package International, but USPS Priority Mail International is better because it is faster and has insurance. The size of the shipping box is 10 x 7 x 5 inches, 25 x 17.5 x 10 cm.

    This was the first UAS HOG available, and will be undergoing changes as improvements are found.

    HOG.5 Size: Each cover is 5" wide x 6 5/8" high x 1" thick (12.7cm wide x 16.8cm high x 2.5cm thick)


    Click image for larger version

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    "I am very happy with the [HOG.5] which is working great. I will be buying more scrubbers for my other 8 tanks" -- Bruce Ashcraft.

    "I installed a HOG.5 ATS @SantaMonica in my 3rd chamber with the return pump in my 29 biocube, works well for me. My nitrates stay between 5 ppm or lower. Phosphates are usually .04 or lower" -- Saltyphish on the R2R site.

    "Great [HOG.5] Thank you" -- bigbluebatman on ebay.

    "Very nice filter [HOG.5], as described, quick shipping Recommended seller" -- anapurnaiii on ebay.

    "many thanks, Great product [HOG.5], fast delivery" -- stevenjoyce29 on ebay.

    "Excellent [HOG.5] def recommend" -- kre159 on ebay.

    "Nice item [HOG.5]" -- fishing2424 on ebay.

    "Quick delivery, excellent item [HOG.5], brilliant seller. Perfect, thank you" -- level1imp on ebay.

    "Definitely recommended [HOG.5]" -- alucard827 on ebay.

    "Great product [HOG.5]. Great Customer Service!" -- mandiars on ebay.

    "bigger than it looks [HOG.5] great unit" -- kootab01 on ebay.

    "works great [HOG.5], shipped fast and packed securely" -- tinman262h2012 on ebay.

    "Superb [HOG.5], thank you" -- blade1buster on ebay.

    "Great little item [HOG.5] fast delivery recommended" -- terrynorth1976 on ebay.

    "Thanks works great [HOG.5]" -- nhedz0426 on ebay.

    "Turbidity WAY down. Water crystal - Works AWESOME [HOG.5]. Shipped FAST. Thanks again." -- ascosens on ebay.

    "Fast and Easy! [HOG.5] thanks again!" -- kllrwlf on ebay.

    "Thank you. Would buy again [HOG.5]" -- avrc8 on ebay.

    "Great product! [HOG.5] Incredible fast shipping!" -- ruffian738 on ebay.

    "Nice, recommended [HOG.5]" -- joselopez999 on ebay.

    "Super service [HOG.5]" -- skibbatechno on ebay.

    "Fast shipper" -- jamesjhfl on ebay.

    "The [HOG.5] is working well" -- JT Powell

    "Boom... 7 days growth from my HOG.5" -- rdevoe11 on the R2R site:
    Click image for larger version

Name:	UasRdevoe11onR2R-1.jpg
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ID:	5698

    Comment from Masgatigata on the R2R site: "I added my [HOG.5] scrubber almost 2 months ago. Since then I've noticed less and less nuisance algae in my display. I ordered a second one about two weeks ago bc I tend to feed heavy. I've been very happy with my purchase!"

    Comment from Brendan Farrell: "3 months after installing it my tank is spotless. I fought that algae bloom for 2 years and nothing worked but you guys saved my tank. Thanks for the great product!!!"

    Comment from "Adam_T" on the CFT site: "The HOG.5 worked as intended. It grew a thick turf of hair algae inside of the casing...which prevented algae from exploring the rest of my tank."

    Comment from "mtbeeson" on the scrubber site: "I love my HOG.5 UAS. My tank looks so amazing. I was going to make a bigger UAS but things looks so good in my tank I am afraid to change anything".

    Comment from Jim Stime the LA Fish Guy: "The HOG.5 has produced lots of algae growth each week, and the inside of the [customer's] tank is starting to be more coralline algae than green algae."

    Comment from "duganderson" on the scrubber site: "I've been running a HOG.5 since [8 months ago] on my nano cube 28 with CF lights and 2 RBTA, 3 fish, softies, LPS, a few sps, macros and a few snails. I have not changed my water for 2.5 months and my water quality is still great (nitrate 0.2 (salifert) and phosphate 0.018 (Hanna Phosphorous checker). Obviously, I need to dose Alk and Ca. I don't run a skimmer, and I have live rock, purigen, and occasional carbon and phospban in a sock for filtration. I'm planning to quit carbon, phosban and purigen and I'm hoping to see similar results."

    Comment from "blade1buster" on ebay: "Thank you for sending me the [HOG.5]... your product is great"

    Comment from "Michael T": "The scrubber [HOG.5] is working great. It's amazing how it attracts all of that algae. It really was a great investment. I recommended it to all of my reefing buddies"

    Comment from "BigAl07" on the Reef Sanctuary forum: "I've been running an Algae Scrubber on my work tank for months now. After using one I don't plan to run another tank long-term without one. I've reefed for several years and I admit I was more than just a little skeptical about this whole ATS thing. Well not any more. I installed the Santa Monica UAS (HOG.5) on my work tank and the tank has never looked better. I was close to giving up on this tank and tearing it down (It's been up and running here in my office 5+ years now) because I could not get the GHA under control. Because it's in my office it gets the least care/love of all my tanks I've ever owned. It's just a pain to come back to the office after hours to clean/maintain it. I now have zero GHA in this tank and only a small patch of receding Bryopsis in this tank and it's crystal clear. This all came about with NO changes other than the UAS. I didn't treat the tank or increase my water change regimen or anything. By growing the algae in an optimal environment (UAS) and then harvesting the growth I'm removing whatever the algae is feeding on in the main tank and exporting the growth from the system. I've noticed a slow-down in the GHA inside the UAS and I can only assume it's because the tank is more stable now and found it's equilibrium with the UAS installed."

    Comment from Dennis B: "Letting you know that I really think the [HOG.5] scrubber you have is outstanding - really controls my phosphates - the #1 cause of uncontrolled algae growth and something that has really been an issue for me - until I added your unit. Also, helps with my nitrates, too! I have continued to suggest these units to fellow fish keepers - you really have a great unit due to its small size, little upkeep and great performance. Thanks again for creating this clever and so useful device! I really feel this is the best filter that anyone has produced in twenty years for tank upkeep."

    Comment from "Clavius" in the Netherlands: "I've been running a 500 liter tank now for 5 years. It is very well stocked with SPS, LPS, softies, filter feeders and a modest amount of fish. The nutrients were being kept very low by a combination of a giant skimmer and the ZEOvit method. Off course, this results in very lightly coloured corals, which was my goal. Generally I'm very pleased with the colouring and growth of my corals, and please with my tank in general. But one battle I've always lost: brown algae covering my sandbed. I could not, for the life of me, find what was causing those algae. Not to mention solve it. I've tried many many things to solve it, but up untill recently, without luck.

    Almost three weeks ago though, I installed a HOG.5 unit. It was a little experiment that I wanted to do ever since I learned about algae scrubbers. I was never creative enough to build one myself, as the space in my 100 ltr sump is very limited. The HOG.5 was affordable and tiny enough to enable my experiment. I could even fit 6 of those units in there with ease. Off course, with the ZEO-method, my nutrients already were really very low. I couldn't measure any NO3 or PO4 with my Salifert test kits. And I never bothered with more expensive kits; unmeasurable should be good enough. I wanted to see if the vitamins and amino acids that the algae scrubber produces would add anything to my reef. And, more importantly, if the algae would consume "something" that the brown algae on my sandbed require.

    The result in my sandbed is staggering. After only 3 weeks, not a trace of the pesky brown algae is left! An extra benefit, that I didn't expect, is that my lightly coloured corals now all have noticably much more colour. Without getting darker. They seem to glow! I don't know if it is from the vitamins that are released in the water [from the algae scrubber]. Or maybe the ugly brown algae [on the sand] were also covering my corals and that I now finally seeing my uncovered corals! Strangely enough, the algae in my HOG.5 aren't light green, as you would expect with nutrient-poor tanks. But they're a mix of dark brown with red tints here and there. So, I have no idea why that is or how that works. But at this stage I'm just so happy that I really don't care."


    English (PDF)
    English (Word)
    Italian (PDF)
    Italian (Word)

    Selection chart:


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    With quick results like this I think you're gonna sell a shed load of these

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    did you use CFL or LED....

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    Quote Originally Posted by ruddybop View Post
    did you use CFL or LED....
    Look at the video, obviously some alien power source, wicked!

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    Very impressive SM. I recently posted about a DIY UAS using an Aquaclear 50 HOB but this might be a better option for me. A couple of questions if I may? What is needed to drive the ,leds and since the screen and bubbler (I assume) are siliconed in place, what if they needed replaced? I did not see any holes except on top. So, I am assuming the unit must be mounted higher to eliminate releasing bubbles into the display, correct?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Garf View Post
    Look at the video, obviously some alien power source, wicked!
    Oh lol.... I missed that link right at the top in front of my face...buisy looking at the pics... .... Thank You.....

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    Thanks, glad you like it.

    LEDs use a simple LED driver, available at the same places that sell the LEDs.

    If the screen needed replacing, you would just cut the silicone out with a knife.

    If the bubbler needed replacing, you would just pull it off; it does not have too much glue. Then glue a new hose, cut it, and adjust the segments for even flow.

    It also has holes on the bottom. Can be mounted higher than the waterline, as in the Day 1 though 5 pics, or below the surface, as in the Day 6 through 9 pics. Below the surface makes less sound, and circulates more water through the cover; thus it will collect more floating particles as is shown in the pics. But of course it makes bubbles

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    I'm converted!

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    How do you make two tray attached each other between glass/acrylic?

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