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Thread: Coral Feeding Study

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    Coral Feeding Study

    Another nice study from AdvancedAquarist about feeding corals, time of day to feed, and how it matters.


    One paragraph I liked because it backed up my thinking/methods on my 1 tank that has a skimmer (without the collection cup on) so I get the best of both worlds, aeration without removing food particles.
    The implications for coral aquaculture and the aquarium hobby seem clear. When scleractinian corals are fed during daytime (i.e. when the lights are on), a nightly disruption of calcification may be prevented. In addition, maintaining a high oxygen concentration in the aquarium is vital as corals seem sensitive to low saturations, both in light and in darkness. Fortunately, foam fractionators are an ideal means of aerating the water (although they do seem to remove food particles from the water). For those seeking to grow corals efficiently, these insights are highly relevant as the aragonite skeleton accounts for the bulk of coral biomass (Davies 1989).

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    Very good read!

    Good to know I've been feeding during the day anyway, but I also just added two powerheads into my sump to keep particles suspended, in addition to an aerated screen.

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    Thanks for sharing Ace !, really good article...

    scrubber is the best way to oxygenate the reef in the night jeje

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