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Does anyone have any research, studies, testing examples, etc. that demonstrates the above quote happening in practice in tanks with scrubbers or UAS? Also, are you aware of articles that explain about algae eating metals and adding trace elements to the water in the ocean or in reef tanks?

Any references for articles that explain this above quote in more detail? Are you suggesting that codepods only eat the good traces which end up back in the tank BUT they don't eat the bad traces/metals?

Thanks for any more information about this. I found the this thread very interesting and I would like to learn more.
What are good trace metals vs. bad ones (other than calcium and magnesium, which we know are necessary)? Just because an organism absorbs a metal or a metal is found in seawater, it doesn't mean it is useful or even beneficial. Personally, I'd rather have a paucity of "trace elements" than an excess and I've never supplemented them beyond what is added in food.

As far as copepods go, it would be indiscriminate, since it would depend on the alga eaten. Metal absorption varies depending on the alga and metals absorbed aren't necessarily critical or beneficial. It's kind of a grab bag, but algae are well known to absorb various metals.