Ok, so I've have this thought bouncing around in my head for a while. The sump for my main tank is beside and a couple feet away. My plumbing comes off the overflow over about 4' and empties into a filter sock with carbon at the far end of the sump, into a skimmer compartment, flows to the next area with the bio pellet reactor, GFO, then to the main pump, to be pumped a couple feet back to the main tank.
My idea revolves around turning my overflow plumbing into a scrubber. I was thinking, if I was to remove the pipe, and replace it with a 4'vinyl eaves trough, I could some how add a screen and a couple T5 lights.
Maybe I can install lights and reflector in another piece of eaves trough, turned upside down over top. But how to install the screen, or screens, I was thinking maybe 4 12" screens.
I haven't gone to the hwr store and measured, so I'm not sure of how wide I can make these screens, but I would think 3-4" would be a close guess.
Anyone have any ideas on how to pull this off, or even better how to improve on this?