Here is my long-awaited brainchild solution to the top-of-tank mounted L-series scrubber. This is a HOB box that hangs in the tank and houses a scrubber feed pump. Should I call this the Hang-In-Tank Overflow Box? HIT? LOL!

It's made to hold a Rio 1100 in a standard glass 120 (2x2x4) which has a 1.25" rim. The squares on the ends are just patches that are there because I screwed up the initial end pieces so I used scrap material that had big holes in it.

I need to drill & tap for a thumbscrew on the inside panel, this will act as an adjustable stand-off to level the box. Might add thumbscrews to the back lip as well to secure it to the tank, but really not necessary.

In my case, this will hang next to the center brace, then the scrubber will sit on the corner of the tank and will have the loc-line drain for tuning the drain to bubble-free & silent operation. I hope to get it installed today and will post more pics!