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    Get the no-overflow advantage of an upflow scrubber: since it is ALL underwater, it can't overflow onto your floor.

    The HOG1, with 24 square inches growth surface, magnets with 3X the holding power for up to 1/2" glass or acrylic, and filtering for up to 1 cube per day, all in the same size package as the HOG.5 for $149.99 USD. 1 year warranty.

    HOG1 gets unboxed and installed by Premium Aquatics:


    "The HOG1 it's the same thing [as a SURF2] on a smaller scale, it depends on the amount of food that you distribute" -- Eric75003 on the RF site

    "Implementing the [HOG1] was really easy. My water parameters have not changed since turning my skimmer off. I'm still at 0 Nitrates and .00 phosphate, and I'm still feeding twice a day approximately 2 frozen cubes" -- bpitts2 on the INDMAS site:

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    "This [HOG1] is going great guns, so I ordered another one yesterday. I have seen plenty of pods hanging around the one in the sump too. Is definately dealing with my nutrients, though I havent changed water in ages and my water is at really stable low nutrients". -- Bangalang on the MASA site.

    "I love the [HOG1] and in the short time it was on the tank its positive impact was without question" -- Joseph Grillo

    "The scrubber worked great. I may be checking out your new surface scrubbers for a new tank once I move into our new house" -- Zack Shaffner

    "Growing thick green hair algae that I have to clean every week no matter what; It is doing a great job at keeping phosphates at 0.00. I am extremely satisfied with the product!! I have recommended it to numerous people and I plan to buy as many more as I need when I upgrade my tank in the next few months." -- Derrick Dawsey

    Selection chart:
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