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Thread: Recommended UAS air pumps

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    Recommended UAS air pumps

    Air Pump Recommendations for UAS® upflow algae scrubbers®. Having bought and tried all of these, here are the best ones:

    Flow (highest to lowest):

    Coralife Super Luft... TONS of flow for multiple outlets or multiple scrubbers
    Tetra Whisper 300... High flow if both outlets are combined into one
    JW Aquatic Fusion 700... High flow if both outlets are combined into one
    Tetra Whisper 150... Good flow for one outlet
    Coralife Luft (regular)... Good flow for one outlet

    Noise (most to least):

    Coralife Super Luft... (Loud; vibrates)
    Coralife Luft (regular)... (Vibrates)
    JW Aquatic Fusion 700... Slight vibration
    Tetra Whisper 300... Silent
    Tetra Whisper 150... Silent

    Size: (big to small):

    Tetra Whisper 300... Large
    JW Aquatic Fusion 700... Medium
    Coralife Super Luft... Medium
    Tetra Whisper 150... Medium
    Coralife Luft (regular)... Small

    Cost (most to least):

    Coralife Super Luft
    Coralife Luft (regular)
    Tetra Whisper 300
    Tetra Whisper 150
    JW Aquatic Fusion 700

    Overall winner for a single UAS scrubber used at home: JW Aquatic Fusion 700 (also is the only one with adjustable flow)
    Overall winner for multiple UAS scrubbers if noise if ok: Coralife Super Luft

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    I have both the Tetra 300 and 400 IMO they offer the best VFM, very reliable and are quiet as air pumps go.

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