Well after dealing with many algae problems and nutrients issues i finally found a way on running and sps tank over stocked with fish to do exelent. It all started with this guy name paul b. that has a 400 gallon cube like tank which was reefkeeping tank of the month and on his video he shows his filtration and i saw that he was running a skimmer, bio pellets, and an algae scrubber so i say hell with it ill try it. So i installed a pellet reactor and full aount for a 200 gallon tank dr tim np pearls and a hudge skimmer like 3 times over size for my tank and hook the Turbo Aquatics Scrubber i already had and since then my tank has completlly gone from bad to great. i started the pellets and the skimmer for anout 4 weeks and then i put the scrubber on line. results are 0 nitrates and 0.02 phosphates on hana and this is because im feed pellets 4 times a day and two cubes of frozen a day so i can keep nutrients on the tank also keep in mind i have a lot of fish for a 185 gallon tank and this is keeping up like a champ. i know some of you guys dont think this works together but i proved other wise same as paul be and a few others.. i think scrubbers are great by them self for an lps/softies tank and maybe a few tuff sps like digis or birdnest but not for full blown sps tanks and we need to state this on this site instead of misleading info..and i will say it again a scrubber only SPS tank will not be succesful on an sps tank multiple filtration is the key.