Hi all

My main interest is in anerobic digestion for producing methane fuel. http://solarcities.blogspot.co.uk/20...-hdpe-bio.html

The gas you actually get from food waste anerobic digestion is about 30% C02 with a little N2 and O2. http://www.biogas-renewable-energy.i...mposition.html

I'm hoping to produce about 500- 1000 litres of gas a day at 1ATM

I'm interested in using a culture of algae in my gas storage tank to turn at least some of that CO2 into oxygen, or ideally hydrogen, or a combination of the two.

My main worry is the algae forming dense mats or clumps and blocking the system. Is there a culture that I could use that would be happy in the above environment that doesn't clump?

If I had 1000 litres of water/algae and use 5-6 aerator stones to bubble 1000 litres of gas through it a day does anyone have a guess as to how much of the CO2 would be turned to oxygen? 1%? 10%? 30%?