"ALGAL TURF SCRUBBER (ATS) FLOWAYS ON THE GREAT WICOMICO RIVER, CHESAPEAKE BAY: PRODUCTIVITY, ALGAL COMMUNITY STRUCTURE, SUBSTRATE AND CHEMISTRY" -- Walter H. Adey, John B. Miller, Lee-Ann C. Hayek, Jesse G. Thompson, Steven Bertman, Kristin Hampel, Shanmugam Puvanendran. -- Journal of Phycology, 2013:


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"River and floway incoming water had a mean yearly pH of 8.25. At night, there was little change in pH,
however, through mid-day (0900–1500 h), pH rose uniformly down Floway #2, reaching 8.5 by the middle of the floway and 8.64 at the effluent, as CO2 was extracted from the water column by algal photosynthesis."

"It was also clear that the most abundant and variable monosaccharide component was glucose".

"Mean production on 3D screen substrate was consistently about 3x greater than that on the 2D screens"

"3D screens were not only more productive than 2D screens, they also provide an algal biomass with
a higher organic and nutrient content"

"3D substrates provided numerous opportunities to increase productivity, with future engineering optimizing the key parameters that currently limit photosynthesis and production".