Note: Because the SURF2 requires no plumbing, water pumps, drains, additional locations or other installation, most people who buy them are not DIY types but instead just want to forget about their filters. Almost none of them want to spend time commenting about their filtration unless there is a problem, but every now and then someone takes the time to do so anyway:

"This is one weeks growth, I'm pulling out a lot more turf now it's certainly got a hold on the ribbons and the textured walls of the box. I tested phosphates a couple of days ago on the Hanna checker and it was reading 0. I did the test again because I've never had a 0 reading on this tank." -- Blinkyfish on the UR site:
Attachment 5450

"I am currently using the SURF2 on my zoa garden. It is way oversized for my system but works well. Just takes a little longer to grow" -- Landon on the NTRF site.

"My SURF2 is doing very very well [...]. i feed 1 cube a day which is enough for the tank, harvest every 14-21 days ish. i saved a lot of money for not spending any money on rowaphos. no algae in display tank. zero phosphate and nitrate" -- Wesley on the UR site:
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"The [SURF2] is great, works perfectly keeps nutrients low. I still have a bit of bubble algae but it's slowly disappearing. Works well and takes less space than the [waterfall] scrubbers" -- Millar on the UR site.

"Very happy with the SURF2 so far" -- Juls on the UR site.

"I used to have so much cheato, I would sell it on RC. Since adding the SURF2, the cheato is just vanishing as the SURF2 grows more and more. The entire middle section of the sump used to be cheato, and as you can see, there is not much left at all. A great product; here's a pic of my growth" -- Dexters Reef:
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Dlstn on the UR site:
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"Works great!" -- Marcelo Silva, Brazil

"Working great" -- Steven Cantor

"I'm very pleased with the quality of the SURF2 - it's superior!" -- Sergey Frolovichev

"Using it now in my 60 gal freshwater tank where it works well keeping nitrates below 20" -- Andreas Schaefer

Translated by Google: "After seven months, I test two of the [SURF2 units], I find that in the device it crawling with copepods that eat algae, now I swarming zooplankton and in addition I take a lot of seaweed every week in my devices (APPROXIMATELY 80 gr) and PO4 photometers to a decrease of 0.02 to 0.01 photometers. more I give an amount of algae my surgeons". Original French: "pour faire suivre cette enquête au bout de 7 moisj'ai tester deux algae scruber de la societe santa monica (SURF2 floating surface) j'en avais pris deuxrésultat au début assez long à venirensuite baisse très moyen des phosphates j'ai décider de mettre en marche l’écumeur sur 12 heures au lieux de 24 heuresdeux mois après très peut d'algues dans les deux appareilsanta monica m’envoie un mail en précisant de bien rincer les appareil a l'eau du robinet je l'ai fait car j'ai constater que dans les appareil il grouiller de copépodes qui me manger les algues depuis je rince une fois par mois les appareils maintenant je grouille de zooplancton dans le refuge et en plus j’enlève beaucoup d'algues toutes les semaines dans mes appareils (ENVIRON 80 gr d'algues essorer) et PO4 au photomètres a baisser de 1 à 0.02 au photometresde plus je donne une quantité d'algues a mes chirurgiens ET JE DONNE 4 CUBES CONGELER PAR JOURS" - Jegou Alain on the Recifal-France site.