Hi, I had a Drop.2 scrubber which was working ok but i have old live rock laden with phos which the drop.2 couldnt handle. I bought a HOG2. Here are some pictures of my juwel Rio 125l aquarium with said HOG2 scrubber and results.
My only puzzle is, with the test results near perfect and the HOG2 working fantastic, i cant understand why ive lost a Kenya tree, a blue octopus soft coral and a blue mushroom when all the others seem fine. could this be due to a lighting deficiency? Im using juwel T5's with reflectorsClick image for larger version

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As you can see from the pix, there is still a bit of algae on the rocks but it is definately getting the chase by the scrubber.
tests are, Temp. 25 - 26 deg c, ph. 8.3 but dips to 7.9 during the night. ammonia 0 nitrite 0 nitrate 2 calcium 460 carbonate H. 10
phos. 0.01 specific gravity 1.025
the HOG2 is only 33 days old today and has almost filled the inside with light green algae spirals.
Ive now bought a slightly larger Juwel Vision 180l aquarium and i want to use LED lighting.
My goal will be to have the scrubber as the sole filtration along with the live rock. There has not been a skimmer on the tank and never will be, the scrubber bubble noise is loud enough for me, i used a skimmer years ago and the noise was shocking.
i will post updates and expect the HOG2 to continue to work miracles, thanx santa monica for such a fantastic product!!