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Thread: SURF8

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    SURF8 quick harvest on saltwater reef pond:


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    Comments about all our larger Surf units:


    "I have a SURF8x and a Pax N24 on the same tank, and I have to de-tune the Surf because it kills the chaeto in the Pax. The Pax is over 2 feet high, and the Surf is only 4 inches high. And the Surf harvests in about 10 seconds" -- Chuck Lee, Danbury, Connecticut, USA.

    "I still have my algae turf scrubber running from inland aquatics on this system and it is still producing algae each week, however, I would guess it to be about half of what the SURF8x produces. Once the green hair algae took hold its been growing extremely well. I run both lights on a 22 on, 2 off cycle. The last two weeks I have harvested a full solo cup of nice green hair algae from both sides of the scrubber total. I thought about adding a waterfall type scrubber, but I really like how easy the surf scrubber is to clean, so I'll get another one" -- Ritchie Jenkins

    "My fish love eating the algae from my SURF8x" -- Dror Ben yoav, Israel


    "Just removed 12 ounces of growth from my three scrubber units [one is a freshwater converted SURF8]. I do it lightly, but more often, so a decent bunch is still in the surf units thus assuring me a constant ongoing process. It’s the stringy [freshwater] stuff and comes out easily with a toothbrush. Btw... the basement pond units are getting the highest amount after the slow start... sure is growing plenty of slime these days. Due to the bioload I'm also using a refugium and denitrifying canisters. Last nitrate reading was about 4.0 or so -- William Garthe, Illinois, USA

    "My SURF8 is a beast!" - Sandy Dobak, UK

    "So far is working great as advertised; fantastic little scrubbers" -- RissasDad on the AS site.

    "It's growing like crazy; every time I lift a lid up, it's packed with growth" -- Lowell
    Sharron, Pacific Palasades, California, USA

    "The SURF8 is doing more filtering than anything I've had on my tank; I love it!" -- Richard Neal, Santa Clara, California, USA.


    "A HIGH PERFORMER! Great build quality and a nutrient uptake. Have a 175 gallon reefer with 20 fish and 40+ coral, so it’s safe to say I have a high bio load. I have been battling GHA with NoPox, manual removal w/ water changes, and a chaeto reactor. NoPox is great but it has limitations, manual removal is necessary with any route you take, and chaeto doesn’t stand a chance against hair algae. The Surf scrubbers grow an impressive amount of hair algae to out compete what is growing in the display tank. I have two (Surf4x & Surf2xx) and clean them at different times of the week so there’s always enough algae to export NO3 and PO4. I turn them off for 4 hours in the middle of night (at different times) so they’re running while the display lights are on to uptake nutrients before the GHA on the rocks gets it. This is the highest performing nutrient uptake method that I have encountered so far and I have tried them all. I run both Surf’s with one Alita AL15A air pump. Definitely worth the investment for high nutrient systems!" -- BigBossReefer on the MD site.

    "Product is amazing" -- Joseph Oliver , Riverhead, NY, USA

    "I had a 55 gallon predator tank with a big eel and zoas and I had a hair algae outbreak. So I removed the zoas and t4 lights to a quarantine tank, and starved the algae of light while also using the surf4x. It worked great. Within a week I had lots of [scrubber] algae and within two weeks was getting a fistful of algae every week" -- Terry Martin, Belmont, Massachussetes, USA

    "Just got my first SURF4X last month looks wery professionaly made. This is a situation of the actual growth after 14 days from new; After the black shade removing and running full high power lights 18h cycle, entire surface and strings as well as the walls were completely covered solid green growth carpet. On the touch the growth is a bit sticky but also clearly shows some thin hair algae growth within its mass. The whole water parameters are very good and stable the feeding was slightly increased and all look very happy" -- Yjeen, Israel, on the scrubber site.

    "working amazingly" -- Brandon Bassett

    "I use the Santa Monica scrubbers and they work great. a little expensive. I have the SM 4x. I can feed up to 4 cubes of food daily without increasing nutrients" -- m0nkie on the RC site.

    "I run the HOG3xx, SURF4x, and a waterfall system. The fish are extremely happy and energetic, took out the skimmer and NoPox since installation of ATS system" -- Lawrence Lai, Hong Kong.

    "I personally like the quality of the unit. It does work as advertised for me." -- seregus on the UR site.

    "SURF4x appears to be working great and I think PO4 has started behaving. Thanks!" -- D. Issa.

    "Still working great after 6 months. I clean it probably every 5 days and pull still a half cup with no bioload on my system but feed heavy. Also my tangs love the stuff. Scrubber floats right above where my return pump intake is. It only takes me a few minutes to clean it. Very easy and a great design. All in all, I have zero hesitation telling someone to buy one even for a little bit of a premium price" -- conrad on the WRS site.


    "i buy from you surf4 scrubber before a year, its best product, i see its work great, i buy from you another one for my another tank" -- Dani Gerzon, Isreal

    "It works, fyi Awesome product" -- ZooTshaj Xiong, Orlando, Florida, USA.

    "I get an unbelievable amount of growth and filtering from the SURF4 on my high-end service customer's tank" -- Marc Lampasona, Aquarium Designs by Michael, Middlesex, New Jersey, USA.

    "I'm from Singapore, and im a repeat and regular customer of Santa monica, i’ve bought 2 units of Surf 4 & air pumps back in year 2014, and purchased another Surf 4 last year in July" -- Raymond Teo, Singapore.

    "I really like the SURF4 scrubber size and ease of cleaning" -- Graham Pither, Cambridge, UK.

    "It is working really good" -- JB on Amazon.

    "I have found that the SURF4 scrubber works fantastically! Was very easy to set up and your product instructions were very helpful" -- Alex Smirthwaite, UK.

    "It works well" -- Andy Gonzalez, Laredo, Texas, USA.

    "I've been running my SURF4 for a couple of years with great results"-- Raoul5Duke on the RC site.

    "It's working great! [SURF4] -- James Kim.

    "I have the SURF4 and Im very happy with it. I want to get a 2nd unit so that I will always have one working when I clean the other. The SURF4 is very quiet" -- Steve Cantor.

    "surf4 Thanks! Great product! labasmari on ebay" --

    "I do love mine! I have the SURF4 on a 180g. There are many types of filters available for aquariums, but none are as natural as algae scrubbers. They can even serve as auto-feeders of fresh algae for the fish. When the lid is on, it's almost completely silent (my overflows are actually louder)" -- mdbannister on the R2R site.

    "The SURF4's are running very well. They started growing healthy green algae on the strings almost immediately. I get good growth every week. I don't use a skimmer, reactor or mechanical filtration, and I don't do water changes. The scrubbers alone have served me fine" -- Sean Whelan, Brentwood Tennessee, USA

    "I've been using Santa Monica [SURF4] scrubbers for a few months. I've been reefing fairly successfully for a fair while now. Once these things kicked in, I've been giddy with excitement at how well they work and how easy they make keeping everything happy" -- Servillius on the 3R and R2R sites.


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