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Thread: Algae issue- impatient? Give it time.

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    Algae issue- impatient? Give it time.

    I have a three month 65 gallon reef tank with no protein skimmer, a refugium and ATS reef scrubber installed. Reading all your notes about the scrubber and to clean it every 7 days. I'm at the point since its seams there still more algae growth going on in the tank than reduction. Click image for larger version

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ID:	6221 I have now started to clean the scrubber every 4 days. Question. In time will the scrubber out compete the existing algae in the tank and go away. Doing a water change will this help speed up the process. I do have coralline algae growing in the tank and corals look great in the tank. It's just this algae issue. What are your thoughts. 😀

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    The dark growth in the middle means it needs more light. Also note the better growth is at the top and bottom, which are the areas with the most air/water turbulence; in the middle there is less turbulence (just smooth downward flow).

    Do a good cleaning in your sink and get all the dark stuff off. Then run for 10 days with 22 hours of the light that you currently have, and we'll see how it looks.

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