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    Air Pumps

    Here are some air pump suggestions; note that more wattage = more air bubbles, and thus more and faster growth, bubble massaging, salt air, and aroma. You probably want it to have adjustable air flow, to be able to make it quieter when needed (although if your WAVY will be in a garage or spare room or public place, sound probably won't matter). And since air pumps are low cost, you might just try one to see how you like it, and try a different one later. It's all part of the fine-tuning of your WAVY.

    As a reminder, we do sell small adjustable Fusion 700 air pumps separately HERE which we modify to make more reliable; they are 6 watts each and adjust down to a very low flow if desired, but you will need two of them (total of 12 watts) and they are for North American 120 volts only, so if you are in another country you will need a voltage converter that you can get online or at a hardware, travel, or electronics store. (This is why if you are not in North America, it is recommended to just find an air pump in your country, using the information below.) We ship these Fusion 700 pumps by themselves (not with WAVY), and here is a video of them compared to other pumps:

    As shown in the video, there are basically 3 types of air pumps available:

    Low cost, multiple air-output plastic pumps which sometimes have adjustable air outputs: this would be the white curvy Fusion 700 pump in the right side of the video, that we sell. These types of pumps are meant for aquariums, and all connect to the same size "airline" hose which is used for bubblers and airstones. The enclosed shell reduces the sound. A 4-outlet version of one of these pumps is the easiest to get started with WAVY, although 2-outlet pumps give you backup because if one pump goes out you will will have the other one running.

    The easiest way to start a WAVY is a 4-outlet version of these pumps, which matches the 4 inlets on WAVY:

    Google “4 outlet adjustable air pump”

    Many of them are the same pump with different names. For the same pump we sell, but cheaper and unmodified, google “Fusion 700 air pump”. They are adjustable 6 watts each (2 pumps needed) for total of 12 watts.

    For more air and a bigger physical size version of these types of pumps:

    Google “8 outlet adjustable air pump”
    Google “aquarium airline T-fittings”

    The pumps are about 15 watts and are adjustable, and the T-fittings are to match the 4 inlets on WAVY. Any local aquarium fish store can help you with this, and they might even have exactly what you need.

    Large metal encased pumps, such as the large green pump on the left side of the video. These are big, heavy, high-output types which are very quiet because the metal weight and internal rubber absorbs the sound. They are also often waterproof, so you can put them outside in the rain, and they make enough air to power several WAVY's. But their air outlet is a single large type that needs an "air divider" or "manifold" to connect to WAVY's four air tubings; this divider is often included with the pump, and sometimes has adjustable outlets. However to reduce the air, you would need to turn down all four (or more) outlets each time, and this is a pain. So this pump is best as a high-performance upgrade later, especially if you have several WAVY's, and if you won't be needing to reduce bubbles.

    For 120 volt north america: (smaller 25 watt version) This pump includes an air divider manifold, but is not adjustable.

    For outside north america:
    Google: “Hailea ACO 9720”

    Other parts needed:
    Google: “1/4 inch vacuum caps” (caps to plug unused outlets)
    Google: “1/4 ID x 3/8 OD silicone tubing” (white super flexible large tubing to extend pump outside if desired; 1 tubing needed)

    Small size but high output pumps which look like engines; this would be the small white pump with fins in the middle of the video. They are solid metal, and have a strong motor which makes lots of heat, thus the cooling fins. They have no sound-reducing shell, so they are the noisiest, but they put out the most air for their small size. They are not waterproof, so you cannot put them outside to reduce the sound. They only have one air outlet which is a large non-aquarium size, but often come with an "air divider" or "manifold" which separates the air into several aquarium-tubing-sized outlets, sometimes being adjustable, although the pump itself is not adjustable. These types of pumps are not recommend.

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