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Thread: Drop 1.2x question

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    I left the drop scrubber doors open and growth just exploded. No slime dark green carpet type of algae at least trippled the size. I also noticed algae was clogging the bottom hole not allowing the water to come in. So I believe flow is a potential flow. Especially most of us use this drop scrubbers in back chambers of aio tanks where there is nautral flow and bottom plate just deflects the natural flow get in the scrubber.

    I will keep it open for a while. Only problem is bubbles and noise.

    What is the function of bubbles? Would algae grow without the bubbles? I assume answer is yes.

    Please respond @SantaMonica

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    If the holes are clogged, then yes it will not get the nutrients it needs. Of course, having lots of growth clog the holes is a good problem to have. Just clean the holes.

    Most flow is caused by the upflowing bubbles pulling water into the small holes, and the water then exits the center big hole.

    Bubbles are a must for rapid growth. The air/water interface they create is what lets the algae absorb nutrients fast. To test this, try it without bubbles.

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