Customer's SURF2 or SURF2x floating on a saltwater display. Can't tell which model without looking at how many red lights there are in the lid though.

It's a large surface area display, so the Surf does not block the display lighting. Of course you could also float it in a sump.

Surf models, like our Hog and Drop models, can't overflow like box-style waterfall scrubbers, which often overflow even with an emergency drain (we invented the box-style in 2008).

And like all of our blacked-out designs, all light is kept inside. you can even sleep next to it. Try that with a box-style waterfall.

And of course, no 240/120 volts or metal ever goes near the water. Just low voltage, high PAR LEDs. Highest PAR of any scrubber light per square inch of growth surface.

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