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Thread: LED Grow Light Build Question

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    LED Grow Light Build Question

    So once again I am working on a v4 ATS.. Making a new box to conceal the light in the scrubber. Gonna build my own LED light, the question I have is how many reds, blues per side for a 16" long x 8" height screen. The thickness of the new box, i'm thinking is 4", so the lights are going to be mounted right to each side of the box. and Do I need to put lens (what size) if the lights will be mounted in a black acrylic box itself. Figuring around 36W-40W per side.
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    16 x 8 = 128 square inches. 128 total real watts of CFL (64 per side) would work for fluorescent. 64 total watts for LED (32 per side) is a good minimum for LEDs.

    32 watts is about ten 3-watt LED stars. You can do all reds (660nm) which would be easier to look at, or you could add two blues (430nm) if you want a pink color.

    If the LEDs are 4" from the screen, and you use wide angle 140 degree LEDs, no lens is needed. Our RAIN2 LEDs are 2" from the screen.

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