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Thread: ATS waterfall failing

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    ATS waterfall failing

    Dear all,

    I'm Tim from the Netherlands. I build my diy waterfall scrubber some time ago; acrylic box lid from 1 side by 14x660nm phote red leds. 42cm wide screen. flow 3500 liter per hours. I thought I worked it all out and the scrubber worked awsome and keps po4 at 0.03 and no3 around 2. I dose my own mix of kH+I+Mo+B (kH-mix) and Ca+Mg+Sr+K+I (Ca-mix) for a 400l tank. Apart from that I experiment with Mn-EDTA and Fe-EDDHA.

    My intention was to come up with a 2-part for ATS users as I like the chemistry part of reefing. Recently, however, po4 increased to 0.2 and no3 to 4+ (partly because I dosed KNO3.. because the scrubber is not growing. I wonder why the ATS is failing me.. it has ben working really well and all of the sudden growth 'stopped' compared to what it used to produce.

    Apart from an ATS I do not use any other mechical/chemical filtration. only a block of marinepure.
    Potassium and iodide levels are good. Iron and manganese levels will also be good. average fishload, I feed a lot more than is consumed (broadcast feeding sunflower corals).

    I just cannot figure out 'why' it is failing me....this is what it looked like:Click image for larger version

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    Need to see pics of it now.

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