Here we will post pictures of growth that other people have had with their RAIN waterfall scrubbers. Don't forget to go to the last page of this thread, to see the new photos. To be notified when a new growth photo is posted, subscribe HERE

Our first growth example is a customer's fully grown RAIN2 that has been lifted off the sump in one step (easily done one-handed). Just think how much disassembly and cleaning you would need to do with anyone else's waterfall scrubber (even though we invented those in 2008).

This super thick, darker growth from high nutrients in the water is making good use of the very strong GEM5 lights. Also note how the textured bottom tray has held on to the growth (and even grown there) so that the growth did not fall out the drain hole. The next step of course is to just pull the red cap off and slide the Green Grabber screen out with one hand.

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(the red cap is a trademark of Santa Monica Filtration, and the tray is patent pending)