So, after 6 years and promising myself to get a scrubber again, I have finally done something about it. A few weeks ago, I salvaged a screen from an abandoned project, set it up in a very basic way under the skimmer outlet, then added a large 45w cfl over the top. It has been in there now for over a month, looks a bit Heath Robinson and it is:

It does grow some minor algae, here we have 20g harvested off the one side:

Anyhow, one side of the screen is seeded, now the new unit has arrived it is time to put it into action. I have seen one other review of this unit from a couple of years ago, the seller has added extra lights each side now. For about 120 GBP, I don't think it is too bad and much better than I could make.

When I get the chance to get in my system (hand bandaged after surgery), I will take some readings and see what occurs. I am under no illusions that the lighting may not be sufficient, but this seems to be quite well built, no light spill, but the seller seems to thing a flow of 400lph will be sufficient. Not convinced, I have 3000lph running over my last unit!