Hi,I'm Setting up a new system a 65g Tank with sump and upflow scrubber Santa monica hog 3
My last system was a 120g tank with Deep Sand bed,seagras,razorfish and porites corals,it was a very simple system with skimmer,sump and kalkwasser dosing.
My new setup will have a shallow sandbed and the light is more in the blue spectrum.the Display light is 4x54w t5 and 3x75w led and the seagrass tank had a lumenbright reflector with 600w hqi/MH bulb sunmaster cooldeluxe,this bulb had a very nice light too my eye,about 8000kelvin.That tank was acrylic my new one is with Low iron glas.
we got a new house and it was not possible moving the old system with me.
Greetings from Germany...
P.s I will try Post some pictures from the new setup and the old seagras tank