I am debating whether or not to purchase a unit for my Reef tank (65ga). I have always had issues with my reef tank from bleaching corals to little growth and other issues. They have always from the looks of it been related to nutrients. My tank usually with standard bi-weekly water changes has near undetectable nitrate and phosphate when I test. This has been the same for many years. I just have a skimmer on the system and I run carbon. I recently installed an automatic water change system so now my tank does a gallon a day water change. I learned my corals are probably starving after reading many articles online and need more amino acids and vitamins. I started dosing them with Red Sea Energy A+B and that has been my regime as of late. I currently sometimes dose with Red Sea NoPx if the nitrates get more then 5 or so.

So my main question is the following. Since my tank appears to act and be very similar to that of a ULNS reef tank would your unit provide little to no benefit? I do sometimes get small algae blooms but they are usually minor. I have got cyano a little in the past as well. I can not seem to raise my nutrients in this tank unless I plan to feed a lot more which I do not have the time (I try to keep everything automated). I believe I need to have some sort of nutrient export but as I mentioned my tank just naturally is a ULNS without me doing much. I am currently also dosing trace elements and I have a Calcium Reactor. I assume maybe my automatic water changes can keep up as well.

As I mentioned my corals seem to not always be doing well and I directly relate it to nutrients. I have good flow and the lighting is very good as well. Most of my Acros have the most issues and some of my LPS do but mainly the SPS have problems (they all look brown).