Hi ATS community,

I have built a DIY and followed the dimensions for the Bio load on this forum that I felt was appropriate for my 120g marine tank.

The only ambiguity was the lighting I have used. Honestly when someone mentions 150W+ lights, it frightens me on how much energy is being used and the cost of running such lights. So I have opted for LED Grow lights predominately 3 red 1 blue in the strips. Running 18 hours per day.

So far I am still running my Bio Pellet reactor in conjunction with a GFO type reactor as well. I don't have the confidence of removing them as yet because my readings indicate that combined all is still not working. No3 = 5 and Po4 = .1 (My GFO is depleted and I dont have any left...but I might have to get some but this is why I built the ATS so I don't have to use this stuff)

I have included pictures of my build and what's grown on the screen after 2 weeks.

Appreciate any comments that might give me a better result or is what I am getting so far is OK? When should I expect real results kicking in?

Thanks in advance...

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