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Thread: Ozone

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    Hi all:

    Are there advantages / disadvantages to running an ozone reactor with an ATS to clear water?

    John T

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    Re: Ozone

    As far as I've heard, there shouldn't be any disadvantages to running ozone with an ATS, as long as it's not too high it should only help. Complete guess here, but if set too high it may start breaking down the suspended food in the water (saying that, for it to get to that point it may be set so high it'd damage the fish!), but at recommended settings/sizes for your tank it should do ok.
    Anyone here actually use ozone with their ATS?

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    Re: Ozone

    I had continued my Ozone initially after setting up the ATS since I still used the OS. I saw no retardation of growth - the ATS went from clean substance to large growth in only 4-5 weeks with a great reduction of nuisance algae which is now all gone (again, thanks to all of you who are on this site and SM who initially hooked me with his thread in MarineDepot!).

    However, since I do not have the Ps anymore, i do not have a good way to run the Ozone (it was obviously hooked up to enter the PS). And, my water is totally clear, but does not have that Crystal clear look the Ozone gave it.


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