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Thread: Contest: Guess what this is

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    Contest: Guess what this is

    Time for a neat contest: The person who can guess what new aquarium product this is (and even better, what it does) wins the first one Serial Number 0001

    Actually the first one will be a rough DIY version, to get feedback from people running it in different systems, but it still should work great!

    To enter, post here and say what the thing is.

    Winner picked soon.

    Hope you win!

    Click image for larger version

Name:	slip.7contest.jpg
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    Here were the guesses for test unit #1


    @slipknot2443: all-in-one aquarium algae scrubber


    xxkenny90xx on pnwmas: algae scrubber for nutrient export

    ladashark on pnw: completely enclosed, with particularly high surface area to make it more efficient. Of course, it is used to remove nitrates, phosphate, and some level of organics in the water. I see that it appears to have some sort of removable tray or the like at the bottom. Curving inwards to make it easier to pinch and pull out. Maybe to remove algae. It could be a light too. slides all the way back (and makes up that surface)

    503guy on WRS: Nano protein skimmer

    obrien.david.j on pnw: a giant pod TRANSPORT hotel. rip off the black tape on the bottom, put it in your tank, allow the seeded pods to proliferate and mix into your system.

    CrazyInside on pnw: an algae scrubber for AIO tanks, like the waterboxes and red sea aios. Looks like it would fit in one of the chambers

    Saltfishlover on pnw: Submersible water quality monitor for sump tanks with digital LED display

    Pennywise on pnw: bio block for AIO tanks.

    gumby on pnw: all in one algae scrubber to be in sump or overflow box

    conrad on wrs: In sump scrubber for between baffles

    Oregonic on pnw: Gravity fed algae scrubber for an AIO, aka no pump down flow.

    eswinej on wrs: nano ato

    vetteguy53081 on wrs: Algae scrubber

    Krux on pnwmas: Algae scrubber designed to drop in to a filter sock holder

    40glnuvo on pnwmas: filter that has a pump inside you place it in the bottom of a tank that has no sand and it cleans detritus so you tank is always clean

    joseserrano on socalireefs: Algae reactor for all in ones


    riosreef: carbon filter block

    g0wg0w2018: Skimmer

    argentinacorals: filter brick where denitrifying bacteria live

    gabes_reef_tampa: grow light for a fuge

    affordable_reefers: Smaller submersible dome light

    two_lagoons: AIO Algae scrubber for either a Red Sea or innovative marine tank

    skyhigghreef: Carbon block

    the_zenful_reef: Algae scrubber no hose and hassle like nyos torq

    artist_aquarist: Nano rain algae scrubber

    riosreef: carbon filter block

    scurvysreef: overflow algae scrubber?

    farmedfrags: Carbon block

    jonnorris818: Nano all in one algae scrubber for Innovative marine and jbj cube tanks

    quantum_reefer: Nano algae scrubber that can fit in an All In One tank

    caffeinated_reefer: algae scrubbed for an AIO

    murphys_aquatics: Looks like a nano rain scrubber. Looks like the water falls into it via gravity. With the opening in place of a media chamber. Overflows directly into the scrubber. Could eliminate media chambers and foam pads all together.

    billy.pipes: drop version algae scrubber that goes in a AIO aquarium that doesn't require an air pump

    the_lazy_reefer: In chamber algae scrubber

    jayda_marie17: miniature algae scrubber that doubles as a breathable/porous material that can house pods

    click_clacks_reef: skimmer for all in ones

    justkeepreefing: pod hotel

    jay_tosi: carbon based filtration media block

    coralcapture: Algae reactor or Carbon based filtration unit

    iamjciao: Algae reactor that fits in all-in-on chamber sections

    travisusmc3488: Hob algae reactor

    alpha.aquatic: aio waterfall algae scrubber

    polyp_puddle: Algea scrubber

    versa_reef: drop in algae scrubber. Instead of a door system like previous systems, it utilizes a pull out carrier (like one of those rectangle pencil pouches) for lower chance of light bleeding and much simpler ease of access

    abaraj619: new DROP Algae Scrubber for AIO tanks

    nanorox1: algae scrubber Insert for an AIO aquarium

    unorthodox_reef: drop in flow through algae scrubber, maybe filter sock replacement or nice enough for in tank. Since I don’t see a power cord I’m guess it has a magnetic back with external light

    teddygraham: mini Rain submersible with built in lights

    christineannomcd: All in one refugium for aio tanks

    christineannomcd: aio rain model for aio tanks or nano tanks

    305_reefer: Nano algae scrubber for AIO tanks

    wadeklabis: Carbon block

    ritzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz: Macroalgae - Pod housing

    shroomsaver: Natural algae filtration box

    comic_reef: Hang On Back Algae Scrubber

    baked_reefer: nano scrubber

    thisguyisextrasalty: AIO turf scrubber, “drop and plop baby” custom refugium

    fishymcfish1: Innovative marine AIO drop in algae scrubber

    losreefing: drop 1.5 algae scrubber

    sincitycorals: Magnet

    frmdlandofpearl: waterfall scrubber

    rhinosaquatics: Carbon block to purify the water

    marine_reefs_uk: NANO DROP IN WATERFALL ALGAE SCRUBBER. could also be used in the compartment at the back of a red sea range as it's the larger model

    silly.nano.reef: It’s a filter box with a removable media insert. Just slide it out and and put a piece of cut-your-own filter in it.

    mermaidsreef: Nano AIO drop in algae scrubber

    jornwolfkamp: Algea scrubber

    chief_reefz: Nano Macro algae reactor

    pugs_reef: Carbon filter insert for AIO

    mermaidsreef: Nano AIO drop in algae scrubber

    amjciao: AIO algae reactor with gem lights as well as compartments for floss and carbon

    my.aquatic.life: drop 1.5 algae scrubber

    stevemiller2: Algae scrubber

    jimmyaznnguyen: Algae scrubber used to lower nutrients in the water which can help with lowering nitrates and phosphates as well


    Joe Savoy: Nano scrubber

    Rebecca Bierman: Algae scrubber for smaller tanks

    Ellis Syke: nano algae scrubber designed to fit in the back of an AIO tank

    Joe JV Vallone: Up-flow nano aio scrubber

    Marcus McNamara: external weir overflow with a built in waterfall algae scrubber

    Michael Godwin: surface skimmer reactor combo

    Michael Ortiz: scrubber for overflow

    Travis Oglesbee: Surface skimming algae scrubber

    Corey Page: AIO inline nano algae scrubber

    Bob Winfrey: In tank magnet mounted self contained algae scrubber

    Richard Paul: AIO nano algae scrubber that sits in one of the few compartments in the back with a mesh screen for water from the overflow to flow down. LEDs encased around the housing so that you don’t have to mount anything outside the aquarium (compared to a HOG version)

    Sean Szymanski: Aio nano algae scrubber

    Richard Miller: Carbon block attachment

    Richard Miller: Pod fuge hotel

    Luke Pham: All in one tank algae scrubber

    Andrew Bilodeau: A back chamber media

    Butch Galang: Pico Algae Scrubber

    Corey Graese: A nano algae scrubber for AIO tanks that fits in a back compartment and that doesn’t require a pump because the water will fall thru it

    David Liemohn: Wave2k wavemaker

    NV Aqua: Bio block and filter media in one

    Artur Asatrjan: Hang on the back refugium

    Mike Fosselman: Carbon block for a biocube chamber or sump. Marine Pure Carbon

    David Gordon: An all in one algae scrubber and light that fits right into your overflow and replaces your drainpipes with a scrubber

    Andy Glade: Glass cleaner

    Andy Glade: Pod hotel

    Harold Lynnwood Mccampbell Jr: Bristle worm trap

    Johnson Hull: Algae scrubber for nano overflow

    Garrett Keller: Algae scrubber to fit in an AIO back chamber

    Mario JO: Nano scrubber

    Mark M. Davis: Overflow waterfall scrubber

    Harold Lynnwood Mccampbell Jr: A mini alage scrubbier for nano tanks

    Damian Valenzuela: Copepod hotel

    Vu ?i: scrubber for the back of something like 24/28 gal JBJ Cube.

    Dustin Williams: Floating scrubber

    Joseph Doyle Bailey Jr: bio media to house beneficial bacteria that is extremely compact and can be used on any size tank

    Claudia N. Renteria Valenzuela: magnetic algae scrubber or magnetic refugium for small tanks

    Russell Cockrell: Algae scrubber made for fusion tanks. To be placed in the spot of the filter sock

    William Davis: AIO tank algae scrubber.

    Anthony Wong: Hang on back algae scrubber

    Chris Scenna: Carbon infused foam

    Pat Clark Jr: Periscope picture box

    TaylorMade Reeves: Nano, back of tank sump, algae scrubber insertion.

    Josh Stayfishyson: AIO Chamber scrubber

    Jacob Linville: Submersible scrubber for AIO TANKS

    James Davie: carbon infused cell pore ceramic

    Tom Randolph: Sponge filtration

    Hayden Huff: Porous filter media for increased surface area for beneficial organisms and bacteria meant to slide in an all in one caddy filter intake.

    Cole Presley: all in one nano algae scrubber. self-contained and will fit the back of something like a fluval Evo or a bio cube. will also work on normal larger systems with a sump it can be slid in a sump chamber and not take up much space. works by either using an air stone or a small contained pump to slowly pass water completely by an LED self contained light as well as an algae growing surface to remove nitrates from the water column

    Johanna Borrayo: An AIO algae scrubber

    Israel Muñoz: Seaweed cultivator

    Ari Cedarlin: drop-in AIO algae scrubber - maybe with some built-in baffling for sumpless/no back-chamber use

    Kris Kaz: A solid brick of aquachar

    Korey Blucher: multi function device. For water filtration and stuff and things.

    Mark Lindsey: Overflow box

    Martin D Robinson: Protein skimmer

    Bekah Ben Sydnor: Aio skimmer

    Matthew Welch: Algea scrubber

    Alex Leon: internal slim turf scrubber. Water enters at the top and exits bottom creating the waterfall effect for the scrubber

    Jaime Cedarlin: AIO drop-in algae scrubber

    Oscar Rojas: algae scrubber for aquarium baffles also with integrated filtration

    Jhonathan Fuentes: scrubber

    Michael Farley: Bio-rock for the back of an all in one aquarium

    Frank Testa: 3D printed filter block

    Steve Ulmer: Skimmer

    Brandon Pfeiffer: Downdraft algae scrubber

    Harold Lynnwood Mccampbell Jr: mini alage scrubbier for nano tanks

    Robert Weber: Filtration device for a saltwater aquarium

    Nate Schoofs: POD HOTEL

    Stephen M. Baczewski: Filter block like the ceramic ones put in sump to help with bio load super small holes where all the good bacteria can grow

    Scott Phelps: Alge scrubber

    Justin Smith: internal algae scrubber for nano tanks

    Derek Gallardo: Spherical water lettuce containment system

    Jann Michaels: Carbon

    Cornel Srb: Carbon brick

    Mike Bolduc: Algae remover

    Alina Si Daniel Mihalache: Carbon

    Travis Haberle: Self-contained Water filter

    Geoff Hoag: Protein skimmer

    Mike Hansford: Carbon filter/reactor

    Gregg McConnell: Pod hotel

    Dennis Gubbels: Overflow box

    Wendi AndJohn Scrughan: Upflow algae scrubber for sump or aio tanks

    Jose Rios: Frag tool case

    Steven Hill: Ats

    Chad Thompson: Skimmer

    Michael Goldsborough: Wave box

    David Harless: Carbon filter

    Cathleen Balon: Carbon block

    Frank Dee: Upflow in-tank algae/turf scrubber

    Frank Aquino: Overflow with built in alagae scrubber

    Robert Cray: Nano Algae scrubber

    Daniel Ryan Roland: Pumice filter or a light

    Jose A. Beltran: Magnetic surf with carbon block filter; Magnetic surf and the top it’s kind sponge for don’t scratch the tank

    The Reef Island of New York: Uv light

    William Lee Wahl: Drop in carbon block

    Scott Miller: Media container

    Michael Daras: Nano primary downward overflow Refugium algae grower / container. Hence the black color acrylic so light don’t escape

    David Harless: Carbon filter

    Martin D Robinson: Refugium

    Jon Brager: Pod house to help grow pods

    Jon Brager: a look down window to see in the tank

    Michael AD: Nano ato

    Sean Szymanski: Nano refugium

    Richie Barney: Nano refugium

    Shaikh Siraj: Air stone filture

    Paul Brian Germain: Carbon filter sock

    Noinoi Jardiniano: floating Algea scrubber

    Shaun Spiteri: Glass cleaner

    Richard Ghirxi: biosponge

    Casey Collins: Waterfall algae scrubber

    Chris Portale: Wave box

    Asja Lau: internal algae scrubber

    Andrew Driffill: filter cartridge insert like a carbon impregnated sponge

    Tony Brady: All in one Nano water fall srubber

    Dwayne Sterlson: All in one filter/fertiliser doser and 24/7 tank camera

    Carl Royter: Nano algae scrubber

    Mark Lawson: waterfall scrubber Po4, nitrate etc remover all in one

    Nick Hernandez: Algea scrubber Fits in an all in one tank

    Clayton Millar: All in one tank, algae scrubber

    Andrew Harrison: Injection style skimmer

    Jemma Palmer: Carbon insert

    Eric Raviscioni: Wave box old school

    La Vanna Kay Taylor: charcoal filter cleaner

    Jesse William Alcaraz: Media basket

    Chris Funkhouser: Carbon sponge

    Andre Aviles: Bristle worm trap

    Melissa Kate Richardson: internal sponge filter

    Ramil Mendoza Luban: algae scrubber

    Shannon Fitton: Pre filter

    Tye Baldwin: Uv light filter

    Nilkanth Radadia: AIO Algae scrubber

    Kevin Hernandez: Waterfall scrubber for aio tank

    Chris Funkhouser: an add to a sump or built in filter like on a nano tank. Water pass through it. removes phosphates and nitrates by water flowing through the carbon sponge. Looks like it’s to be place inside a refugium or In the back of an all in one systems filtration compartments

    Brandon Garig: floating seaweed cultivator

    David Chavez: algae scrubber for an all in one tank

    Christopher Gaines: Skimmer

    Ryan Rosales: surface skimmer that is a UV housing

    Branden Arellano: overflow scrubber

    Darius Darius: AIO biofilter sponge and horizontal algae scrubber

    Brent Pilon: pod factory

    Michael Pallinger: in tank algea scrubber for ppl without sump

    David Bower: An ionized carbon block filter.

    JP Jimenez: Pod Hotel

    William Joo: Skimmer + algae scrubber combo

    Kyle Cooley: refugium treasure chest

    Alain Bouchard: Its a brick To build a house for nemo

    Halen Hamby: carbon block

    Kevin Van Beeck: for breeding pods

    Austin Rudolph: Charcoal

    Jess Hofer: Overflow box

    Justin Nichols: Water polishing filter

    Bobby G. McCray: Hang on back algae scrubber

    Juanito Leon: Overflow algae scrubber

    Ashkan Jab: All-In-One nano drop-in waterfall scrubbers

    Eduardo B. Caycho: Pod hotel x2

    Jon Ralis: In sump or in AIO compartment chaeto/microalgae reactor

    Arj Un: Algae scrubber

    Shawn Vest: Carbon scrubber

    Denilson Aquarios Aquafacil: Filtro interno

    Phillip Tennell: Waterfall ATS for All in one

    Zach Budnik: Carbon block

    Adam Payton: air powered skimmer

    Paul Shank: giant magnet scraper

    Gabriel Cabra: Wave maker

    Jake Chenard: Media tower for AIO

    Chris Faulkner: Waterfall for AIO

    Edward Kenyon: fancy media basket

    Kieran Hawkins: algae scrubber for an all in one tank

    Harold Lynnwood Mccampbell Jr: Bristle worms collector

    Jonathan Drobina: skimmer

    Art Calde: Drop in Algae Scrubber

    Gilbert Martinez: water quality tester similar to trident

    Alex Neiberg: algae scrubber

    Robert Perez: Wave box

    Jonas Martin: Algae scrubber

    Brandon Michael: solid carbon block

    David Lampkin: Ghost skimmer for aio

    Evan Thomas: Aquachar omega

    Ben Engler: Wave maker

    Liam Frederick: HOB Protein Skimmer

    Andrew Thompson: Algae scrubber

    Rogelio Gonzalez Rodrigues Filho: This is the first step of some filtration system. Automatic Type, example fluval, some new system created

    Sean Szymanski: Aio algae scrubber with bio media and pod hotel

    Johnson Hull: Overflow with algae scrubber for nano tank

    Jorge Meneses: Internal Algae/pod grower with bottom return and cleaning access

    Hill Gibson: Carbon Filter block for a nano tank


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    We have our first winner of the best guess of all the guesses... Cory Graese !

    He guessed: "All in one nano algae scrubber. Self-contained and will fit the back of something like a Fluval Evo or a bio cube. Will also work on normal larger systems with a sump, it can be slid in a sump chamber and not take up much space. Works by either using an air stone or a small contained pump to slowly pass water completely by an LED self contained light as well as an algae growing surface to remove nitrates from the water column."

    He wins test unit #1 of the new SLIP.7 scrubber.

    Coming up... Contest Part 2 with more details, and a second winner. If you want to see all the Part 1 guesses, they are here:


    Click image for larger version

Name:	slip.7contest winner 1.jpg
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    Click image for larger version

Name:	slip.7contest2.jpg
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    Time for Contest #2 of the new SLIP.7 from Santa Monica

    Winner #1 guessed mostly correctly, that the SLIP.7 will function as a waterfall scrubber combined with a bubble upflow (UAS®) scrubber, but left out one more major function that everyone wants. Can you guess what it is? The most accurate and complete answer wins test unit #2.

    Here was Winner #1...

    Cory Graese guessed: "All in one nano algae scrubber. Self-contained and will fit the back of something like a Fluval Evo or a bio cube. Will also work on normal larger systems with a sump, it can be slid in a sump chamber and not take up much space. Works by either using an air stone or a small contained pump to slowly pass water completely by an LED self contained light as well as an algae growing surface to remove nitrates from the water column." He wins test unit #1 of the new SLIP.7 and here are all of the guesses from that Contest #1...


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    Click image for larger version

Name:	slip.7contest winner 2.jpg
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    And the winner of Contest #2 is: Edmond Mahmoodi

    He was the only one to guess Chaeto! Yes the SLIP.7 is the first combo ATS:

    Chaeto Reactor
    Waterfall Algae Scrubber
    Upflow Algae Scrubber UAS®

    He wins test unit #2, after test unit #1 gets sent to Corey Graese.

    Contest #2 entries:


    two_lagoons: Algae scrubbed for innovative marine AIO tanks

    calipsosreefing: Fuge

    503reefdroid: Surface skimmer

    chimpthereefer: UV sterilizer with a 7 watt bulb for crystal clear water

    ariedidthat: Self cleaning, algae falls to the bottom when you take apart the top and pull the “algae mat” out. Bottom is removable and algae can be thrown away or saved for tangs

    mi.grzeszczak_hardscape: Bio denitrate chamber

    William Hall: Water pump

    harkinsaquatics: AIO Algie scrubber driven by down draft current in the second chamber. Fully contained with lights and all for no light bleed

    quangphuc.3005: A nano algae turf scrubber


    Nick Bossert: Wave maker box. Pump fills and bails water in and out of the box creating wave effects in the aquarium.

    TJ Gibson: waterfall scrubber /upflow scrubber and UV sterilizer

    Peter Dow: Self cleaning

    Joseph Doyle Bailey Jr: Water fall scrubber/upflow scrubber plus refugium/pod hotel

    Israel Bailey: Solid carbon filter

    Gavin Rose: container of di resin

    Chris Hayes: Carbon block

    Edmond Mahmoodi: Cheato holder

    Gabriel Cabra: Aio tank algae scrubber

    Gary Inwood: Overflow box

    Jesse William Alcaraz: self cleaning

    Michael Ortiz: Slide out for easy algae removal and clean up. You do not have to remove the whole scrubber or disconnect anything to clean it out

    Andys Reef: surface skimmer

    Abbey McDonald: Carbon block for clear water

    Mike Heberlein: carbon

    Austyn Rocco: Algae scrubber for waterbox tanks

    Evan Park: Dimable lights for getting the algae started as opposed to shade cloth that may not work in a flow through unit.

    Rogelio Gonzalez Rodrigues: Filho Part filter canister

    Mitchell Ondrovcik: Dimmable lights/grabber screen &/or removable growth chamber. Uas with grabber growth screen combined with waterfall, so an AIO that has dimmable lights/removable growth chamber for ease of cleaning with a custom designed/printed square shaped flow bar for the waterfall to slide in/out to prevent clogging & achieve better flow rates.

    Michael Cacace: Skimmer

    Penny Sweets: In addition to having both waterfall and bubble up flow scrubbers, and fitting into AIO rear chambers, my guess is that it’ll have led lights on both sides of the screen for even more growth!


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