I installed my RAIN2 on April 5th. I went through the slow startup, with one light connected until growth started, the slowly added additional lights.
I now have all 4 lights running for 18 hours/day.

I clean the algae scrubber weekly ( see pictures ) . I could go for perhaps the 14 days and then clean off the scrubber but I expect the growth to be about double as well.
I have cleaned off similar growth ( see pictures ) perhaps twice so far , so I know that overall my journey with my RAIN2 algae scrubber is still just starting.

My main goal for using the algae scrubber is for nutrient control ( my nitrates are around 25 and I have a small amount of hair algae in my display tank ). I haven't seen any change in the nitrates or hair algae so far. I do know that things take time.

I clean my off the algae weekly. To get some reduction in nitrates, should I hold off for 14 days before cleaning the algae scrubber or continue with my weekly cleaning?
How do I figure out what schedule of algae cleaning works best for me to reduce nitrates?

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