I have a RAIN2 and I noticed that the water tends to spray sideways in the scrubber. I originally thought I had turned the water up too high and that was causing the sideways spray but I'm pretty sure the water flow is just right.

I did read the FAQs and one of the questions mentioned that sideways water spray was caused by the need to clean the slot holding the scrubber screen. I did take everything off this week and cleaned the slot of any algae growth. I put everything back together and the end result is still sideways water spray ( see video ).
Is there anything I can do to stop the sideways spray from occuring?


I cut/pasted the FAQ question here for reference

Q: Sometimes my scrubber sprays sideways and gets things wet. How do I stop this?
A: If your screen normally flows properly, the sideways spraying is caused by not cleaning the part where the screen inserts into the pipe. Algae grows right up into the slot, causing the spraying. The solution is to clean up into the slot when cleaning, or (better) remove the screen from the slot entirely when cleaning it. To prevent it entirely, you can make a little "light shield" and attach it to the side of the pipe, in order to shade the top of the screen from light, and also to block any spraying that occurs. You can also just clean more off the top of the screen, so that there is a 1/2" empty area with no algae at all just below the slot.