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Thread: Algae scrubber pump off for 12 hrs

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    Algae scrubber pump off for 12 hrs

    So somehow one of my smart switches turned off on the pump for my waterfall scrubber. Iím guessing it was off for about 12 hrs before i caught it. The one time i dont check the tank before bed.

    The algae was pretty dried out and still green. I turn the pump right back on no cleaning or anything. This is a freshwater tank. Seeing some clumps of white bubbles floating in the sump now. Thankfully the bottom inch of the screen was submerged the whole time.

    Am i okay just turning it back on an leaving it? I just cleaned it yesterday morning so it didnít have a ton of growth. Am i basically starting all the way over?

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    If the dome was on it, then it probablly stayed moist enough for much to be alive. So just run it as normal and let any dead stuff fall off.

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