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Thread: Customer comments of HOG3xx, HOG3x, HOG3, HOG2x, HOG2, HOG1.3

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    Customer comments of HOG3xx, HOG3x, HOG3, HOG2x, HOG2, HOG1.3

    Here are some customer comments about our larger size HOG scrubbers®. When "scrubber site" is mentioned, it is our AlgaeScruber dot Net forum:


    "I purchased the HOG3xx [which is usually just for saltwater] for my old school 135g cichlid tank due to the extra leds. This one has the strings which I think I can be gentle enough to work around them. As you can tell in the pic and video I have a lot of thick green growth and my Africans enjoy a fresh treat. It was so easy to assemble without setting up a sump or having to plumb. Very nice light unit although it does get warm even with those big heat sinks in there. Definitely not something that’s going to get too hot to cause issues so I like that aspect of it. Even down to the details of how the bubbles “flow” in there is cool to watch. It’s also nice to know that these magnets are in there for good with that silicone work. Nicely done. Overall I rate this unit an 9 out of 10" -- Beau Atchley, Newark, Ohio, USA.

    "Working nicely" -- Zeckis on the MD site.

    "It's perfect" -- Mohommad Abdullah, Kawait.


    "Hog3x from @santamonicafiltration. 7 days of growth. This is my third harvest, and I am super happy with it so far. It helped me reduce my sky high phosphates, and now I'm keeping acro's without a problem" -- Sundarreefs on IG

    "It’s working well making a ton of algae" -- Jauvid Ayadi, Orlando, Florida, USA

    "I clean it once a week and it is almost full of algae. I've used scubbers before but I liked your design so I thought I would give it a try. I'm pretty happy so far" -- Jeff Schick, Utah, USA

    "Great build quality" -- Jean-Marc Deborne, France.

    "It's a common sense product; easy and reliable" -- Martin Caceres, Total Aquariums retail store, East Rockaway, New York, USA.

    "My HOG3x is growing nice amounts of algae. It's a lovely green colour too. Looks almost edible!!" -- Olysi on the UR site.


    "Both of our HOG3 units are working great" -- krisatboussard on ebay

    "Put HOG3 in tank 6 weeks ago, started to grow algae in a few weeks. All is good. Happy with results so far" -- Ray Ossi, Jacksonville, Florida, USA

    "My HOG3 is working great. Nitrate 2, and phosphate .02, so I'm really happy with the scrubber" -- Mario Ortiz, Spain.

    "It took a little while but this guy is collecting stuff like crazy. My glass is much cleaner and I do less frequent water changes and all my fish and coral seem to be happy. Highly recommend" -- Amazon Customer

    "All good, had hog3 for long time that is cool as well thanks" -- 4045mandy on ebay

    "I have it [HOG3] on for about 20 hrs a day. I removed the skimmer on the tank now. The scrubber is the only thing on the tank, along with my powerheads. I love it so far. I can see a difference in my tank" -- TristanStoelb, Vincennes, Indiana, USA

    "I'm using the HOG3 on 250 litre Red Sea Max with protein skimmer and carbon. The HOG3 is hanged on the left side wall. I'm try to feed the tangs mostly with algae that I'm picking from the scrubber" -- Bennyss in Israel.

    "I have been running my two HOG3 units for about 18 hours of light per day, and they work perfectly" -- Jonathan Wexler

    "So far we've been really impressed with algae scrubbers" -- Ryan of Bulk Reef Supply

    "The thing I really like about it is the size and space is takes up, it's like having a refugium without needing all the extra space required for a real one" -- fishncars on the RC site.

    "Quite the clean-out of the Santa Monica HOG Algae Scrubber on the warm-water Jelliquarium jellyfish tank. This is two weeks growth and the unit is packed with algae" -- LA Fishguys

    "We run the HOG3 in one of our tanks and the SURF4s in the rest (at this stage) and couldn't be happier. Yes, you can hear the [air] pump running, but that's practically it! and the excess evaporation has stopped. And the maintenance. Takes all of 30 seconds and I don't drip everywhere, nor am I covered in flecks of algae and slime from scraping off sheets" -- Fragalicious, Austrailia.

    "Look at the amazing [HOG3] growth!" -- Anthony at Aquaful.

    "[HOG3] has been working well for some time. I had a mature sps system, and did not get much growth initially. Initial system had skimmer and ferric oxide reactor. Refugium had a bright led with Chateomorpha and plenty of live rock. I ended up removing ferric oxide reactor to initiate growth. I also had to turn off light to refugium to continue growth. Since growth started good, I gave large live rock to friend and took down my refugium. So system is much simpler and working well. Lots of corraline algae growth. After 15 years as hobbiest I wanted simpler system so very happy with results" -- Drew Young

    "I have been very pleased with my HOG3. When I set up my current 95 gal reef my intentions were to keep it simple and low tech. I have been involved with this hobby in some form or another for more than 25 years and my favorite tanks have always seemed to be the ones with the least equipment" -- Jeapa on the scrubber site.

    "I bought a HOG3 and it work with my 12 gallon. so i bought a smaller one too" -- guv2840-xdqa46 on ebay.

    "just awesome [HOG3]" -- jtn007au on ebay.

    "Items received ok [HOG3], good ebayer" -- 7189matt on ebay.

    "very happy with the quality of the [HOG3] product" -- houman hashemi, France.

    "I found my saltwater hermit crabs are eating [in the HOG3]. Sweet. Saves on buying those algae tabs. I love this algae scrubber!" -- Kelly Peissner.

    "my HOG3 is doing a good job in my 90 gallon tank, it consistently produces thick green hair algae that I clean/remove every 2-3 weeks [should be 14 days max]. I bought a custom 190 gallon tank and will run a 60 gallon sump underneath for corals and fish, but no inverts. I intend to use a HOG3x for this tank setup" -- Derek Johnson, Greece.

    "20 days.. that's pretty wicked [HOG3] growth, and it seems like my glass algae has lessened. The first picture is 6 weeks ago the next is 4 weeks ago, and last are today all are 2 weeks intervals with 24 hour lights; phosphate is between .06-.19 and I only clean the glass about once every two weeks and it takes only a min or two. best thing I have bought for my tank" -- Trevor Janvier, Canada.

    "My HOG3 is working good, and I want another one" -- Christian Aquino, Westechester, Illinois, USA.

    "Yes the [HOG3] is amazing. I have it in my ten gallon right now. No algae what so ever on the glass, etc. Water parameters are perfect!" -- Kelly Peissner, North Pole, Alaska, USA

    "Been growing like a champ!" -- Mike Barone, Delrey Beach, Florida, USA.

    "Both the HOG3 and SURF8 are growing bright green algae; the nuisance algae in my tank is disappearing fast" -- Richard Neal, Santa Clara, California, USA.

    "So far, loving my new HOG3, definitely seem to have less algae on my glass, which is nice, not as much scraping as usual. I stopped using GFO just before installing this, so the HOG3 was kind of, in a roundabout way, to replace the GFO reactor. My phosphate has risen a little compared to running GFO (fresh) from 0.05 to 0.09 as expected, but my corals and I prefer this method. I'm now not focussing on low phosphate, but now focusing on just more stability with phosphate level. There's no swing in phosphate that is normally related to GFO life, so things stay really stable. The rise in phosphates is not causing any issues as the ATS has been picking up the slack quite well. When I got this I was pleased with how easy it was to install and use. It takes up very little space and fits just fine on the sump under the cabinet" -- IUfan on the INDMAS site

    "My two HOG3 units are very quiet when I put them one inch above the waterline. No other filters. Just the live rock, 2” sand and HOG3’s. They are growing algae like crazy. I empty each one about once a weak (on different days) and they are FULL when I do. My tank isn't fully stocked yet, so I may need to get 1 or 2 more later. Meanwhile, inside the tank, I haven't had ANY nuisance algae since these HOGs kicked in, and I don't use any other filtration, and I've never done a water change. Needless to say, I am VERY happy with these. -- Sean Whelan, Brentwood, Tennessee, USA


    "Its working perfectly, thank you vey much. It took a few weeks but my nitrate levels were very low and I believe this may have resulted in a delayed response" -- Daniel Weir, New Cannan, Connecticut, USA

    "I won one from Ben o’Chart on YouTube and I have it on my 180 overstalked Cichlid tank so I wanna add another one because They WORK" -- Jordan & Summer LaBelle, Wibaux, Montana, USA

    "It is just about starting to grow some quality algae. Great purchase thanks again" -- Lorenzo Socas, Cresskill, New Jersey, USA

    "I wanted to update you on the three HOG2x scrubbers that I bought a little over a year ago. Finally, after more than a year, they are all doing great. Massive, heavy growth in all three (Freshwater) scrubbers. Recall that my 60-gallon tank had great growth pretty quickly, but very little from the 180 gallon. I persistently seeded the 180 with algae from the smaller tank, and eventually it started to take off in the 180 too. I am literally getting handfuls of algae from my scrubbers. Thanks for a great product!!" -- Thomas Duncan, Leavenworth, Kansas, USA


    " Excellent seller. Very highly recommended. Thank you" -- nghmc on ebay

    "Bought one from ebay some time ago, and I love it" -- bjbearr59 on ebay

    "HOG2 and HOG1.3 are both producing a beautiful thick dark green algae that I harvest each week, dry out, and feed to the plecos (but the other fish nibble it too)" -- Ben Ochart.

    "I have two HOG2 scrubbers in my freshwater tanks" -- FK Leyro

    "It's growing thick mats of green [freshwater] algae on it now" - Sean Wojtowicz - Loxley, Alabama, USA

    "Very nicely made. easy to install and get working" -- Kevin Eklund, USA

    "Thanks for the clear instructions you taped to everything! Between them and the video I watched, installation [of the HOG2] was a breeze" -- Nancy of Goldfish-Emergency

    "Getting lots of thick green algae to clean. My ornamental goldfish love to eat it. Have 4 of the HOG2’s in the sump for my 350 gallon freshwater tank. Anyway the HOG2s appear to be working great as far as growing the thick green algae" -- Doug Jackson

    "Well I can report that things have gone from good to excellent. Since my HOG2 was installed, ive used 3 different test kit brands, all of which have shown Zero on nitrite, nitrate, phosphate & ammonia (once the level came down). My goal of having ONLY the hog2 as filtration is now achieved other than a poly filter in the sump. It feels like im not reading it right or something is going on I dont see. After years of keeping fish and having the usual problems, its all perfect now. Absolutely fantastic! Test readings are s.g. 1.025. Ph fluctuating around 8.0 - 8.4. Phosphate, ammonia nitrite & nitrate zero. I feed some of the scrubbers algae on a veggi clip to the yellow tang. Hope you folks get the same results as ive got using the santamonica scrubber. All that i can only guess is all down to the HOG2 as its the only thing ive used differently from before and had nowhere near the success im having now. Most if not all corals have doubled or quadrupled in the last few months" -- Centralscot on the scrubber site.

    "A+ Thanks [HOG2]" -- steve_flynn on ebay.

    "just installed [HOG2], seems to be running smoothly, exciting about the result" -- dandanstr on ebay.

    "A+++ [HOG2]" -- bdavis302012 on ebay.

    "Great eBayer [HOG2]" -- nwhitwell on ebay.

    "the only filtration giving me these results is the two [HOG2] scrubbers and a polyfilter. No skimmer, no phosban reactor, nothing else, not even foam or filter floss. This HAS TO BE the best filter available" -- Centralscot on the scrubber site.

    "HOG2 seems to work great! Thanks again! My clown loaches love the water now" -- Antti Miettinen, Finland.

    "I just wanted to let you know my nitrate levels are zero. I have never had this tank at zero nitrates. I have always had to do multiple water changes ever week. Can’t thank you enough. Neither can my fish." -- Snohomish, Washington, USA.

    "Thank you!! You provided us with our very first [HOG2] and have started us on our way. The scholars are excited about the ATS and cannot wait until we can get everything else." -- William Romney, Assistant Pricipal, New Visions High School, Jamaica, New York, USA


    "Excellent product. Worked like a charm and cleared my hair algae" -- "C" on amazon

    "I am very happy with the [HOG1.3] scrubber it seems to be doing a good job. Thank you" -- David Pummell, UK

    "I have had a lot of good luck with the Santa Monica HOG1.3. It fits perfect in my sump area. It's been running for about 2 months and I have ZERO algae in my display and a ton of it in the Scrubber. Then if you ever upgrade you can just add another one" -- FLSharkvictim on the RC site.

    "Just wanted to share my experience with the Santa Monica HOG 1.3 after 1 week. Prior to installing ATS I was running Bio Pellets. My Nitrate was controlled for several years using bio pellets but recently continued to rise and was up over 20ppm. I removed the bio pellets and installed the HOG 1.3 a little over a week ago. Nitrates were at 10 ppm today. Very happy with the performance of the HOG1.3" -- Reefkpr on the scrubber site.

    "Been having months and months of great seaweed production" Guy Chaumont, France.

    "thank yuo super filter! [HOG1.3] travjann on ebay.

    "Excelent [HOG1.3]" -- etiburonzon on ebay.

    "Just as described! [HOG1.3] Excellent. Now good bye algae!" -- cagg32 on ebay.

    "Fast Shipping [HOG1.3], looking forward to seeing the positive effects on my tank!" -- lvcoach105 on ebay.

    "A+, Thanks [HOG1.3]" -- steve_flynn on ebay.

    "Thanks [HOG1.3]" -- bparkes87 on ebay.

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