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Thread: Older scrubber

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    Older scrubber

    I been given a older ATS, similar to the SM 1000 but with no spray bar, lights, just the unit. I would like to use this on my softy tank, 3x2x2 and not heavily stocked with fish. It's a long ATS, compared to the up to date ones, but is well made. How would i set this up in terms of screen length, as don't think i need a screen which goes the full length and lighting. Thankyou,

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    Welcome from UK.

    The original pipe needed 700 gal per hour. If you want to use just half of it, then get a spray bar that has the slot only halfway, and use 350 gph instead, and of course light only on that end.

    Then later if you want to expand you can cut the slot across the whole bar and add more flow and lights.

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