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Thread: RAIN2 Algae Growing from Top Down

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    RAIN2 Algae Growing from Top Down

    Installed June 11, removed skimmer (only room for one). NO3/PO4 has been 3/.03 entire time.

    Initial picture shows algae growing from top. This was likely from the cleaning I did before install. Since it was there and growing I decided not to remove it.

    Initially had 2 lights (front/back) turned off one set a week ago after reading this forum. Flow is good (I'll include video if I can). Second picture is today (6/27). Algae removed from display has not grown back and remaining algae looks thin and more easily removed.

    I'm happy with results so far, but concerned the growth pattern on screen could be limiting and is slow to spread. Understand that could be due to low nutrients as well.

    Should I continue as I am or do you recommend any changes?

    Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

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    Clean the screen and slot, and increase flow if you can so it covers the whole bottom of the screen. Then plug in only 1 light at the bottom. See how it looks in a week.

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