This new install of a RAIN4 in a saltwater sump, with the LED light dome lid removed, shows:

o Good flow of water across the whole bottom of the screen; less is ok but the whole bottom of the screen should have water flowing off of it.

o The black tray is level with the sump waterline; this eliminates all sound when the dome lid in put back on. The tray can be lowered even further so the screen is below the waterline, so that the water does not fall off the screen and instead flows smoothly downwards.

o The screen can be slid forward (after removing the red cap) and out of the sump with the water still flowing, and without disassembling anything.

o Growth can be seen easily, and hand-removed easily, without disassembling anything.

o The black tray can be easily lifted up off the pole mount and taken to a sink for brushing.

o If power goes out for a few days, the black tray can be lifted up and set down in the water, to keep the algae alive for over a week.

Happy Scrubbing